Cynthia Blakefield

I have done a fair amount of traveling. Seeing the world is what I'm passionate about. Life is not meant to be spent in one place. There is so much to see on this beautiful planet. I can help with travel plans, advice, and suggestions.

Mark Manchester

I have been to 21 countries and love exploring other cultures. I am still learning what it means, but love to engage in conversation about this area.

Steve Morris

I’m well versed traveler. Traveled across Europe, Russia, Asia, India, USA, Canada and Latin America. I have a vast knowledge of hidden locations, less commercialized spots for vacations, how to find cheap tickets, travel hacks, and many other fun tips that will make travel planning and traveling a lot more fun and exciting.

Princess Henderson

I work in Aviation. It started as an interest, but soon developed into a passion. I love seeing this big beautiful world that was created for us.

Royce Leii

I travel for very cheap all the time, I can help with tips on how to go on vacation for very cheap. Is all about research.

Maleny Leal

Traveling the world with little to no money is my specialty. Feel free to contact me with any of your questions.

Rachel Jones

I work as a flight attendant and previously worked on a cruise ship. So whether you are traveling by land or sea I've got some tips for you.

Nadia Shatseva

I've visited Germany, Lithuania, Greece, Turkey, Poland, the UK, New Zealand, Italy, and Russia when I was a child. In the states I've visited about half of the states and worked in about 15. I manage myself as a performer and go on tour every couple of months.

Jonathan Njobvu

Raised in Waterloo, Belgium from the age of 3 I traveled most of Europe before I was 20 years old. My love for travel also led me to visit 15 African countries, parts of the gulf states, Australasia, Asia and 16 US states. Having taken a Human behavior course I’m well equipped in given advice in that regard and have worked as a counselor. Marketing and Public Relations being my backbone makes me an expert in my field to consult on any related matters. I picked up the skill of web design years ago and do design websites in my spare time.

shannon middleton

I have been a flight attendant for about a year and a half now. If you have any questions about what it takes to become a flight attendant, the job itself, or travel in general, I’m your girl!

Stephanie Poirier

I have traveled to over 20 states in the US and over 15 countries. I always plan my own trips so I am very familiar with the ins and outs of putting together travel, lodging, activities, etc. My friends and family use my travel knowledge before planning anything.

Aaron Dillon

I travel at least once a month, usually more often than that. I know how to find the best flight and hotel deals and also how not to get caught up in “tourist traps” while on vacation. I’ve lived in Utah, Massachusetts, Florida, California and Nevada as well as visited almost all of the other states in our beautiful country.

Bridget Fast

Besides being an avid traveler via air, land, and sea, I also work for a large airline in reservations.

David Vaughn

I have lived in 14 countries on 5 continents and traveled countless others. I frequently travel overseas for various reasons, and have a lot of insight regarding locations, sights, restaurants, lodging, and how to prepare.

Lauren Grabfelder

Budget backpacked solo around Europe for 40 days.

Melissa Diaz

Been all over the world, and still have so many places i want to see.

Brooke Fought

We have been a full time traveling family as of October 2018. I have experience traveling with 2 kids, a husband, and a dog!

Marie Leiter

Always and forever, granddaughter of Italian immigrants, consummate style fashionista and foodie, I find beauty in a simple meal, a destination, architecture, fashion and spaces –just to name a few. Perhaps my grandparents passed on the travel “gene” to me during their voyage to America in the 1930’s. Contemporaneously, I find that my travels have given me a front seat to the simple beauty found in the countryside of Tuscany, the arrondissements of Paris, Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona, and the list goes on and on. Travel is education. I believe it reveals an intellectual curiousity, that begs for more. As a curious soul, destinations, people, culture, architecture, markets, and ethnic foods speak to me. The more I explore, the more I yearn to do so. As a Director of Human Capital for many years, I am now taking the knowledge, wisdom and lessons learned (aka transferrable skills) to my next journey, travel liaison. Always having a destination on my calendar, excites my soul. Travel nourishes the mind, body and soul. Join me-no age limit!

Zena Negron

If I can add anymore names to my very long name I would include: Free Spirit, Wanderlust, Gypsy. My heart literally jumps at the word “travel”. I quit my Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm job so I could see more of the world. That’s how serious about this topic I am! I still have lots of the world to see, but I have tons of experience on the topic and it’s something I am beyond passionate about. I’ve been to Ireland, Thailand, and am currently living in Spain. Will be moving to New Zealand next. Let’s talk about how amazing the world and culture is!

Astrid Fox

I travel the world multiple times a year and blog/photograph it. It’s my passion!

Jane Hahn

I started my travels as a child camping across the US and Canada with my family. I even have friends in Nova Scotia that I met traveling when I was 12 and the whole family remains friends 50 years later! As part of my family's retail business, I also went routinely on buying trips from Atlanta to NY, including my 1st to NYC at age 7. Internationally, I have traveled to the UK twice- the latest trip for a month on my own, Paris, Bermuda (twice) Cayman Islands, and other islands. I love Maine, Nantucket, the NC mountains, and the historic South. I go on house and garden tours whenever possible. I'm an Airbnb superhost and have used that way to travel lately as a result. I even won a California trip, which as so nice, since I hadn't been to the West Coast since I was a child. I know NC and Fl pretty extensively, having lived in both for many years.

Maria Silva

I have been travel since 8 years old around the world.