Raven Ariele

I have over 15 years experience in auditioning, monologue/line memorization, performing, stage managing, directing, and assistant directing at a local theater level. I’ve also received training at Columbia College Chicago.

Laura Cable

If you have any questions on audition material, college theatre programs, or career advice, I'd love to help. I have been a professional actor in New York City since 2005 and have toured North America with several shows. Show business is my passion and I'd love to share all the knowledge I've acquired with you!

David Harewood

I average five plays and six to ten side theatrical projects per year. I've directed in everything from found spaces to pristine prosceniums on every medium but solo and opera, and I can't wait to do those, either. As of 2019, I have touched over 90 theatrical projects in the last twenty years.

Amy Wininger

I learned and lived Theater all years in college. I studied costuming mainly, but learned the ins and outs of backstage and onstage life. Lighting, props, sets, costumes, stage management, how to deal with all parts of production. Time management in general, as well as acting or dealing with difficult actors/designers/directors. Film vs live theater.

Patty Mc Guire

I have been participating in theatre for years and am attending school for a degree in theatre studies.


20 years tv movies

Jack King

I have written and directed three staged plays and produced another.

Bethany Hoffman

I have been involved in the theatre for 10+ years. I have experience with backstage/production as well as performing and directing. My primary school (Middle School and High School) were magnet schools and I was involved in the theatre programs. I currently go to school for Theatre. In my spare time I'm reading plays and reading up on theatrical news.

Brigid Ridge

I have been involved in theatre since I was 15 years old and have knowledge in a wide range of theatrical subjects.

Nick Smith

I've been performing since early childhood, and I know the ins-and-outs of Theater. I'd be willing to discuss acting, technical theater, music, and everything in between.

Tru Verret-Fleming

I've been a stage actor for 15 years having done musicals, straight plays, and immersive/experimental theater. I've worked on the stage and behind the scenes as a director, casting director, choreographer, producer, writer, etc. I am a member of the Actor's Equity Association - Union for stage actors/ stage managers. Being able to speak on behalf of actors/directors/technicians alike I have much to talk about and much to help with.

Preston Dildine

I attended Indiana State University for theatre, spent five years at a regional dinner theatre as an actor/director/choreographer/producer/playwright/marketing/front desk/lights and sound/stage management and more.