Social Media Marketing

Karla Maganda

Creation of Social Media Accounts to best content approach. Brand awareness and Lead generarion.

Ariana Jones

I have 5+ years of experience in social media and 3+ years experience in sales and customer service. I have worked both in-house and on the agency side generating hundreds of thousands of likes, retweets, reblogs, shares and comments and millions of impressions. I’ve managed campaigns for Claire’s and Pampered Chef in partnership with big name brands and influencers including Feeding America, Disney, Ty, Mattel, Justin Beiber and Katy Perry. I’ve overseen both organic and paid social campaigns, catching and holding the attention of new followers and customers alike. Still, I’m always looking forward, invested in what’s coming next. I’m a marketer who thrives in the digital space because it’s always changing. In a space that rewards energy and innovation, I thrive and I can help you do the same with your business.

Drew Caldwell

I am a former E-Commerce site owner, and Marketing Director. After 10 years in Sales and Marketing I am offering my marketing services in exceptionally beneficial packages. With expertise ranging from content creation to full scale strategy and management, I am confident I can take the worry away from any client. Let's examine the best methods to: Increase reach, Grow subs/followers/likes/thumbs, Improve SEO, Brand your entity, Boost retention, Innovate your entity, and more!

Dean Rino

5 years marketing as well as usage of social media

Cathy Saetae

As a millennial, I'm obligated to be proficient in social media... I'm proud to say I've managed multiple successful Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts for various small businesses and individuals. Ask me how to grow your following, get more likes, and the proper use of #(Hashtags) ^_^

Tanya T

Social media marketing is the go to for beginning and maintaining brands, whether is is a business brand or a personal brand. My specialties are Facebook, pinterest, and instagram, with expansion into twitter, tumbler and youtube. I have personal experience in social media marketing, advertising, and growth through social media community involvement and development.

Alex Russell

I work as a promotions manager for 3 instagram accounts as well as creating a campaign for a succesful local crafts company as well as running my own photography page.

Cassandra Hubbell

I have over 5+years of experience in social media marketing. I have a very large following in all of my social media accounts (Facebook, several Facebook pages, Twitter, pintetest, Instagram)

Starr Kelly

I use almost every social media platform there is daily because I am a Part time model and I promote myself on all those platforms.

Karl Davenport

Due to the fact that we have thousand of followers in social media it will be very easy for us to not only help you reach your goals in any market but also help you retain everything you gain in the process. Retention is something that most miss out on. We can garner views, traffic, impression etc but how do you retain them ?? That is what we are here to show you. How to reach a certain crowd according to demographic, culture, common likes, common interests and more. IM AVAILABLE 24/7 365 IF MY RATE IS TOO HIGH LET ME KNOW ILL LOWER IT TO HELP YOU

Fawad Ahmed

I’ve helped many businesses generate revenue through social media marketing.

Amber Kostecki

I know how to use social media to market

pedro morales

4 years expirence

shannon spence

I am a social media and online marketing guru. I began my own successful social media and marketing company. I hold account with multiple clients who pay me monthly to manage their accounts, market their products or events, and ask me for advice. I have grown Instagram account to more than 10k followers in a number of months. I have created accounts that have sold out festivals and events.

Frank Luong

I began social media marketing on Instagram in 2018 and I’ve built an audience of 5,000 followers.