Elmedina Fejzulai

(Skincare) I'm obsessed with my skin care routine! I have very young and supple skin and i take good care of it. I didn't always and I've had periods where I was so upset with my acne and how my skin looked I did not want to even leave the house and I know what I've tried and what has helped. I have a lot of knowledge of different products and routines and how you can get skin that you love. I've done it all and I'm here to help.

Annalisa Wiese

I have extremely sensitive skin and I have tried several different treatments and have been to the doctor for it. I finally have my skin managed and able to handle more things it comes in contact with.

Isabel Torres

Studying the skin and conditions of the skin has been a professional and personal hobby for me for years. Having dealt with acne, dryness, oiliness and everything in between I’ve had hands on experience treating and improving various skin conditions and making my clients feel phenomenal. I can help you identity any blemish and show you the best ways to improve your skin.

Sarah Naranjo

I have been a an esthetician for a couple years now and love it. I am always attending new classes and gaining more and more knowledge.