Cynthia Blakefield

I have been a sex counselor for 6 years. I am familiar with all sexual topics. Nothing is off the table. Let's talk discreetly about any sexual issues or questions you may have.

Egypt Shoats

I’ll teach you tips to spice up sex and drive your partner wild. I can also help you with a few things you could change to improve sex life. If your looking to really spice things up and improve your sex life come and talk to me.

Chandi P

Advice on ways to spice up your love life and get passionate in the bedroom. Whether you have a kinky/fetish side or slow love making, use these tips in the bedroom to create a pleasurable experience.

Bekah Scott

I’ve worked in the sex industry and been exposed to many different things. I am open minded and willing to listen and offer my advice on any questions you might have. I can help you explore healthy outlets for sexual desires. We can discuss any fantasy you may have and I can give you confidence that you aren’t “weird” for having it. We need to be more open about our sexuality and I’m here to help anyone do exactly that.

Kaylee Henry

I love it, I have experimented a lot, I'm great at it, I have a lot of it. Any questions I can definitely answer.

Coach Christy

I’m acutely aware that it can be a hard topic to discuss. I know people have a lot of questions or comments that they just don’t feel,comfortable to talk about when it comes to sex. Stuff they don’t share with anyone, but need someone to listen to them, and knowing it’s a struggle to find that one person you can discuss sexual topics with. I think because I’m genuinely understanding, compassionate, and without passing of judgement, I’m a good candidate and safe choice in discussion with sex topics.

plussize princess

been into all sorts of sexual escapades my entire adult life,ddlg,bdsm,role play,threesomes orgies. 😂😍

abbie f

Ex model, television personality and worked in all aspects of the adult business. I have extensive experience on the practical and intellectual aspect of the topic.

Servent Forhim

I have major first hand experience

Robyn G

Having worked as a certified counselor since 2015, I love nothing more than to lend a hand and offer support wherever possible.

Emily Ryan

We have all had ups and downs in this subject, but that is what inspired me to work as a sex counselor for the last few years. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and understand that its a tough subject for some, and easy for others, but that doesn't mean we dont have questions! Nothing is out of the ordinary because it's all human nature! I am very open and non judgmental. I can provide a comfortable atmosphere for anyone and about any conversation about the topic of sex! Ask away!

Christopher Conte

Sex is something that can always be awkward, but finding someone to talk about it can be even harder, we’ll not win me. Living in the generation of where it’s all about sex there isn’t anything i heard or talked about so shoot your questions my way and don’t be shy.

Paige Parcell

Idk, I just have a good relationship with sex and I'm very open minded and not shy about the topic!

Brittney Crutchfield

I am what you call a free spirit. I have dabbled in a couple of things with sex. I am like a open book on the subject. I don’t see anything weird with anything sexual that makes you happy. Everyone comes to me about sex even if it’s just how to give a blow job. Lol

Jessica Rabid

I've been in one aspect or the other of the adult industry for most of my working life.

Meagan Foley

Expert on intimacy counseling, breaking barriers and becoming more comfortable with yourself. Tips, tricks and embarassing questions answered!

Veronika Keller

I know a lot about sex, in the fourth and fifth grade I passed with an A+, and by the time I had my first girlfriend I gave her the best head. I am a transgender female today and sex for me is a wild experience. Although the best of both worlds seems too good to be true; I choose to be with a cis woman. An emotional connection with the person you have sex with makes the intimate encounter not only more exciting but there is way more passion. There is so much energy.

Tommi Rae Fowler

I say sex meaning: the act, sexuality, relationships, gender, tips, and tricks. While I was in college I took 2 human sexuality classes which allowed us to dive into the often taboo and awkward conversations that really get me excited. This is my favorite topic to talk about because I’ve had so many personal experiences with just about every gender,fetish,and body type. I’m not ashamed to discuss the one pleasure that we all seek validation from. I have worked in the sex industry on and off for 6years now. I would be happy to send a non-disclosure agreement if preferred! Let’s get sexyyyyy!

Kiara Ault

In addition to of course having a healthy amount of personal experience, I have been an erotic content creator and model for a decade. Over the years I have learned an enormous amount about sexual desires and situations, gender and sexual identities, toxic vs. healthy sexual behaviors, a wide array of interests and fetishes and the psychology behind them, sexual health and more. I am pansexual and a LGBT+ activist; if you need advice or resources about LGBT+ struggles and questions feel free to ask.

Alt Dsp

I'm a pretty lustful person and I feel like I'm missing a conversation with you about that subject :)

Erica Cook

Lol so this category is BOLD! The reason I put Sex as a topic because a lot of people are afraid to talk about, especially women. A lot of women tend to loose their sex drive or sex appeal due to a lot of reason (example: school, marriage, birth, kids, work or etc.) I enjoy helping my close friends and all women feel empowered about their sexuality. I even enjoy giving advice to my male friends about sex and women wants (from my view point & research). I enjoy being an open book when it comes to sex and relationships.

Amber Hazard

I have had sex with hundreds of people of all genders. I am skilled and informed, open minded and accepting. I won’t judge you or shame you. If you need advice, are curious about a kink, or just need someone with whom you can discuss your desires, I’m here to help.

Julie Craft

We've helped hundreds start living more empowered, fulfilling lives. Whether you're struggling with sex and love addiction, relationship difficulties, sexual problems, or suffering from the effects of trauma, I am committed to talking about the most cutting-edge, research supported therapy to help you not just overcome these issues, but thrive. Through personalized, comprehensive and affordable support, we can help you achieve relationship and sexual wellness.

Esme Hdz

I worked at a sex shop for 4 years and I've acquired enough experience on what works and what doesnt, when it comes to your pleasure. I'm also a naturist, swinger and into kink so ask me anything!