Catherine Fearnley

i have had 2yrs researching experience for a local museum. i also love researching family history.

Austin May

I have written multiple research papers in my day, and I feel as if I am in expert in the process of synthesizing research into a work of your own.

Rebecca Tobias

I'm a research whore. I love to learn. j love to search internet to search for the knowledge I need or maybe looking for . I even research information for others. anything you need to have me research for I will grateful get it done for you. if indont know how I'm not afraid to ask questions and I follow directions as asked if needed.

Elizabeth Weaver

I love researching about everything and anything I mean recently I even took up studying auto mechanics and up until about three years ago I didn't know diddly-squat but I catch on quick.

Jennifer Topolnicki

Is a black belt in Google-Fu plus an uncanny guessing ability enough?

Jaime Curry

Experienced Training And Development Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the information services and IT industry. Skilled in Advanced Data Analytics and Research,  Sales, Team Building, Market Research, Management, and HTML/Programming languages and Coding. Strong administrative professional with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in Criminal Justice and Corrections from Ashford University. FCRA advanced certified

Jaymar Bonet

Let me be your researcher! I can find reliable information on anything. This was a job I’ve done for numerous people in different areas. I’ve done international research that was put into text books, I’ve done research on companies (deep corporate compliance research), and anything little to big. I enjoy learning new information and passing it on

Perry Perugini

This is my strong point and it opens a dialogue to anyone about anything. If I don't know it, I will research it. If I know it, I will still research it to make sure it is the newest information out here. Need a famous person researched? Need to find out how to use word or excel? Can't find a retailer the has a product you need? If something is healthy for you or not? Best exercises? Skies the limit here.

Sydney Robinson

I’m very good at doing research and can help with school papers or general topics of knowledge.

Kelly B

1. Ask the right question 2. Collect ALL the information available 3. Filter 4. Provide answer

Devon farquharson

I have an eye for detail and when asked about something I can find you what you want to know or lead you to where you can find it.

Michael Conners

Research has always been something I was able to do well. I take my time and check my sources to make sure that I am only giving out accurate information. Honestly I think I'm great at research because i hate being wrong.

april cayer

well what makes me good at research is that ii will spend hours sometimes days on researching something until I have no other choice but to stop

Angel Rains

I do research on all subject matters.

Kizzy Brown

Love to read and learn