Real Property

Imelda Interino

I have an extensive knowledge on residential properties and land sales.

Tav Tabacchi

I have a very broad background in Real Estate.

Tanya George

I have been working with real estate companies for over 15 years and often consult with investors on investment property potential.

Tom Wilson

I have been in Real Estate sales since 2003 in both Washington and California. I have been in residential sales up to 2 and 4 plexes and know of a way for folks to not be landlords, make 5-8% on their money and not pay capital gains tax or depreciation recapture. It's better than a 1031 exchange because you can also sell your personal property and be in any part of the country. If you are downsizing from a large family home or tired of being a landlord dealing with evictions, repairs, calls late at night, there is a way out and make 5-8% on your money without paying capital gains taxes. And yes its legal.

Alex Caines

Sometimes you deal with "fake" seller. I can help make sure you don't end with a illegally deal.

dominique stryker

Real property includes your land and anything attached to it. Real property can not be moved. Even with this definition real property can be confusing. I'm available to help advise you regarding real property.

Maya Mallah

Been nominated # 1 on trip advisor