Real Estate Broker

Tav Tabacchi

I have had a Real Estate License for over 15 years and sold or leased every type of property. I have an MBA and an Engineering degree.

Jacob George

Within my first two years in the real estate sales industry I evolved as an Agent to become a Licensed Associate Broker. I have listed, sold and leased numerous multi-purpose properties, while simultaneously working as a Real Estate Consultant for wireless infrastructure development companies throughout the New York City market area.

Paul Rogers

I have had my Real Estate licence for 30 years and will do 30 million in sales volume part time this year with just my wife and I and a part time assistant. The other 50% of my time I do real estate Investing and development. We specialize in New Construction of housing for Seniors who need Assisted Living & Memory Care.

Tom Wilson

I am a full service real estate agent. I give all the knowledge I have to help my clients get the best home for their needs. I also point out things that may of cost in 1-5 years from purchase. Depending on age this may be a new furnace, water heater or roof. Besides providing several names for lenders to check out, the future expenses are worth thinking about. if you qualify to by a home it should not make you cash poor because of condition. I connect my clients with people I can reach after 5 PM or on weekends when most real estate deals happen, not just 9-5. They also have to have proven themselves to perform and not "drop the ball". I have too many balls to juggle to worry about a referral not doing their job. You need someone in your corner to look out for your interests in a real estate transaction. Let me help you navigate the way .

Rina Maya

I'm well versed in Real Estate Licensing. Which transactions require a license. License Law, how to apply for a license. Types of licenses: Individual Corporate Salesperson Branch office Mineral, Oil, and Gas License Prepaid Rental Listing License 22 Types of violations Accounting Records Types of agencies a broker enters into with employees, principals, clients and customers.

Andria Gandrud

I have over 6 years of real estate experience, and am able to calmly and systematically negotiate on your behalf. I have great allied partnerships which are key to all real estate transactions.

Fred Medeiros

Over 20 years of experience with property management. Nearly 10 years as a Massachusetts licensed realtor working with buyers and sellers. Multi-Million dollar sales track record. Member of local, state and national board of realtors.