Walter Cabral

Im a very artistic person and won a poetry contest years back where a friend invited me however i wasnt supposed to win. Unfortunately we are no longer friends.

Christina Aliperti

I love to write poems for all different random things lol

Ms.Sunshine vang

Poetry is something that I had always loved when I was a kid. I tend to get lonely when I was young so I write my feelings into poetry to express how alone and sad I feel inside.

Dasia Richardson

Poetry is Art to Me. It's My passion, I can take one word and run with it.

Joe Kirby III

Life is a poem if you're living it properly. I am here to share my authentic expressions of Self -- which happens to be incredibly great for mental health.

Desmond Smith

Been a poet since i was 8 years old.

Mulemvo Nianda

As an author of the poetic memoir "Until Next Time... the Evolution of a Broken Heart," and many other individual pieces I believe I am well versed in structure, styles, and the process of creating astory.

Davian Grant

I have been writing poem from a toddler I even go to school for acting and poetry

Dayanna Rose

I am an outstanding poem analyser. I had the highest Cambridge score in the World for Literature, and there is probably nothing else that I am so passionate about.

Wendy Mears

ive always just know how to make things rhyme and feel i should of become a great poet

Leo Jimenez

I self published an awesome book on poems about love, pain, heartbreak, and coping titled “Love, Pain, and Muses” available on Amazon and Kindle.

Matt Guts

A lifelong love of all things lyrical

Ndiana Jones

I have been writing poetry and honing this skill for over 20 years.

Victorya Satterwhite

I Used All Things In Nature and Or In Logic For all Sketchs I Make. Everything , Every Person Has a Story. Mines Just Beginning..