Physical Fitness

Heather Mc Isaac

I was a Physical Training Leader in the military for 8 out of my 14 in. I was the Lead Trainer, and responsible for designing protocols for those who were unable to pass the yearly fit test, whether it be due to weight or fitness. I love fitness, and helping those reach their goals, as well any tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past decade

Eccentric Beast

I am a Fitness Guru known as The Eccentric Beast. If you type that name into Google, you will see proof through action, which in my opinion and anyonescwith a logical mindset, would be more beneficial. I have over 10 years experience growing as a unity. So I progress in everything. Mind, body, soul. Strength, speed, mass, endurance, agility, explosiveness, balance & mind body connection etc...

Precious Fred

I have a degree in Public Health Education and I’m obsessed (in the right way) with being healthy and fit. I can help you find your motivation to being the best you you can be.

Niki DiSera

I am a Personal Trainer and coach people on how to lose weight, build muscle and achieve their ideal body weight and overall image. I help coach on confidence and self-love and show people how to love their bodies in every stage.

Ella Mucciolo

I’m an aerial dancer, my favorite being aerial hoop (Lyra) I’m so a home workout enthusiast who’s loves bettering herself.

Genesis Gonzalez

We can speak bout workout plans & how to improve your physical fitness

Timothy Stokes-Haynes

All areas of physical fitness and exercise program design, implementation and management, functional training, TRK, Cross Fit, individual and group training scenarios.

Daniel Funes

Certified as a group exercise instructor at the YMCA as well as wellness coaching helping new members to get familiar with the facilities, the use of equipment, form and frequency.

Aaron Cipriani

I lift and run weekly on top of my other training. Proper technique comes along way In order to not get hurt. If you do things certain ways, you’ll limit yourself sometimes to what you can accomplish. If you lift, workout, train, etc using proper technique. You will realize quickly there is no limit to what you can accomplish. That goes with fitness, and life.

Josh Turner

Being a health and fitness enthusiast since I was 16 I've learned quite a bit about diet exercise nutrition etc

Ben Johnson

I work as a personal trainer and design my own workouts

Robert Landers

Physical Fitness is my sanctuary. It is what I focus on when life gets tough. I was a powerlifter in high school for all four years. I at one point had one of the highest deadlifts in my weight class in all of Texas. For two years, I instructed over 200 students on physical exercise. How to do a deadlift, squat, bench, whatever exercise. I guided diets and how to overcome obstacles in one's fitness journey. Physical Fitness was also a priority in the Air Force Academy. We had classes on boxing, jiu jitsu, swimming, and other extracurriculars as well as participating in fitness tests every six months.

Amber Phillips

I have been an avid fitness fanatic from a very young age. Throughout my childhood I participated in martial arts and gymnastics, continued into adulthood with a passion for proper form and technique in coaching gymnastics, and have completed personal trainer certification through NASM. I believe it is important to take care of yourself through fitness, but it is equally important to know how to care for injuries and modify standard workouts if needs be.

Teri Meier

I have 5 years experience as a personal trainer. I specialize in tailoring exercise and nutrition plans to the individual. Don't like to go to the gym? No Problem! I can help you with at home work outs as well.

Ursula Gatchell

I have always been health oriented. I TRY to eat right, exercise on a regular basis. I understand it's hard sometimes but with a little help it can be fun and easy.

Sarah Herrington

6+ yrs as a personal trainer Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine

Steve Kader

I was the remedial Fitness Officer for the US Army for my career and have worked as a Fitness Trainer for Exclusive high-end clients in Las Vegas for the past 18 years. I am a nationally ranked Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitor and a boxing trainer, as well. I believe that fitness can be achieved by anyone and would love to chat with you and help you to achieve your goals. Let's chat.

Camille Rowe

I have always been athletic and worked as a personal trainer/fitness instructor at gyms such as Bally's and LA fitness.

Matt Vanni

I am a trainer, I have prepared personalized training protocols as well as providing information on supplements and best ways to achieve your goals. I have studied several nutrition protocols for different goals, reducing bodyfat, increasing muscle mass and calculating BMR as well as personalized goals for any client

Kelly Anderson

I have worked as a Fitness Counselor, Membership rep, Asst manager, Manager, Instructor, Trainer and operations in a Fitness & health capacity. 9 years experience in all.

Stephen Sherk

I am a former fitness instructor with a lot of knowledge on fitness and nutrition.

Amanda Painter

I am a Physical Therapist, so I am an expert in movement and form. I provide online Crossfit style HIIT workouts for people looking to be active and lose weight without injuring themselves and to help prevent injury.

Julia Lounsbury

I am a bikini NPC competitor. I’ve had to dive in and learn everything from the ground up research, classes, people, and networking etc. let me help you and keep you going as well!

Josh G

In addition to exercise I believe in maintenance to keep the results that you have. I exercise 4-5 days a week. Im currently pursuing a personal training license.