Physical Exercise

Keyana Mc Ghee

I exercise a lot and watch exercise videos.

Megan W

I live a very active lifestyle and go to the gym 5 days a week. I can give advice on what exercises to do to achieve your fitness goals. I am very positive as well and can act as a motivational guide for you.

David Good

I am a very top notch trainer I have helped a lot to achieve they’re goals in fitness industry i do everything to power training strength training nutrition.

Jenni T

I use to exercise a ton in school w sports an such an even after... But i still get my excercise w out lifting an going to a gym! I have three kids! :)

Kristen Klender

I used to be very overweight through elementary school all up until middle school. I chose the unhealthy way of starving myself and only eating unless I had to for show. Once I lost weight very quickly and had teachers asking what I was doing I realized I needed to find a way that wasn't going to potentially kill me. I started to work out and then I am now 3 months after having my daughter and I weight less than what I was when I got pregnant! The healthy way is always the better way!

Victoria Kraft

I am certified as a personal trainer and strength coach. I can help people through a variety of exercises and training, and can develop a program that they enjoy doing. I understand how the energy systems work, can prescribe progressions and regressions for exercises based on individuals' experiences, and can help people achieve their goals.

Diya Davis

I enjoy doing sports and I know others will also. The more exercise you do the better chance you have of boosting up your immune system.

Kaia Greenfield

Bodybuilder for eight years, fitness junkie for ever, personal training certification! I will help you find what you love!

Maria Castro

I am a professional personal trainer and can help you in any area you feel you need it.

Cassidy Mcconnon

I have a passion for food, so working out and staying active is very important to me as well. I pay attention to the nutrients in my food and where it comes from to make the best decisions for my body. None of my body weight reliant work outs require you to leave the comfort of your own home.

Stephanie Newman

I have been exercising for over 20 years now.Start with some warm up exrcises,low or high impact aroebics, abdominals,toning and stretching.

Angela Akinbohun

The Hollywood Workout for Black Girls. The Best DVD Workouts for Black Girls.

Chrissy O’neil

I work in the athletic department of a college

Saad Joseph Gerges

In my spare time, i have taken on the challenge of body and mind reconstruction. This has allowed me to spend 13 years on perfecting a physically and mentally human being. Focusing on my health in a well managed step by step program, has helped me overcome fears and obstacles in my personal and professional life. This has lead me to have a well balanced healthy lifestyle.

Ann Butenas

I have been running since I was 11 years of age. I played tennis at the collegiate level and played at the National level and also taught/coached tennis. I now average 30,000 steps a day.

Rachelle Fox

very physical and able to get you done.