Physical Exercise

Jenni T

I use to exercise a ton in school w sports an such an even after... But i still get my excercise w out lifting an going to a gym! I have three kids! :)

Ann Butenas

I have been running since I was 11 years of age. I played tennis at the collegiate level and played at the National level and also taught/coached tennis. I now average 30,000 steps a day.


I have good experience in physical exercise

Victoria Kraft

I am certified as a personal trainer and strength coach. I can help people through a variety of exercises and training, and can develop a program that they enjoy doing. I understand how the energy systems work, can prescribe progressions and regressions for exercises based on individuals' experiences, and can help people achieve their goals.

katalin vajda

Physical exercise can increase academic performance , helps to focus better and also with memory . Mind , body, soul :) . When you feel better you do better.:).

Philip Hoang

I’m an exercise Science graduate from Georgia State University and I’ve trained dozens of successful high school and collegiate athletes.

Gabrielle Johnson

Been running track since the age of 7 played all sports my whole .


I love to work out

Brittany Womick

I work-out around 5 times a week if not more.

nathaniel pepe

Studied in college for 4 years

Cindy Lou

exercise is very important I exercise 30 minutes a day minutes I have 10 different diets depending on how much wheight you wanna lose. ask me anything dont be afaid

David Good

I am a very top notch trainer I have helped a lot to achieve they’re goals in fitness industry i do everything to power training strength training nutrition.

Angel Rebolledo

Levels of intensity and work out routines to target goals

Giovanni Francioso

I worked with Los Angeles Athletic Club, Hollywood YMCA, Sports Connection, and Newport News YMCA as an instructor for self-defense, martial arts, and for weight loss.

Bryan Williams

Also due to WHAT I learned in college and majoring in Kinesiology. Considering this, I was also require to learn a great deal about the human body and such(which has allowed me to teach it to other people, but in a more practical way; where they can incorporate the lessons/knowledge in their EVERYDAY LIVES...

Nemo Jenkins

I have knee issues so I work my knee therapy in with my workouts, if that's some interest to you I'd love to answer your question

Loren Tock

I work out about 5 times a week and have a lot of knowledge focusing on weight-lifting.

Rachel Seibert

I have been an athlete for years. I have run track for 10 years and cross country for 10 years. I have also run 5 half marathons. I know the ups and downs of training and can help someone set and attain goals. I can provide routine and advice on running and how to get started in the gym.

Julia Mikh

I've been exercising for over 5 years and have a very big passion to Physical Exercise. I would to help you know what can help you as well as nutrients and post baby body.

Milo Delgado

I can show proof of two clients of mine that have transformed their bodies using my exercises

Adrienne Downton

Exercise is extremely important when it comes to great health. You don’t have to break a sweat to gain the benefits. Ask me how.