Johani Radovic

If you have a problem with your pet, or you just want to know something, you ask me, simple as that.

Toniqa Smith

I know a lot about dogs and cats all types of food and if i can help I am.

Camala Thao

I have experience with fish keeping (salt and freshwater fish) and dogs

Rozlyn Gorski

Married to a veterinarian and we have a little urban homestead with dogs, cats, chickens and fish...and cages for fire rats, hamsters and reptiles!

Ravenn starr

I own 2 cats 7 kittens 3 hamsters 1 rabbit and 2 chinchillas they are all really well taken care of

Meaghan T.

I've always had lots of pets

Nick Clevidence

ive had multiple pets of all kinds throughout my life.

Christopher Blackmon

I have owned pets my whole life. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles. i love pets.

Kailyn Potts

I'm addicted to animals. I have a dog and three cats plus a chameleon and a bearded dragon. If I had the money to afford the care of another animal or multiple I would have everyone I could possibly come in contact with.

Kayden G

I am a human animal studies major. I have also had many pets growing up fish,frogs, hamsters,mice,dog,cats and a rabbit.

Madison Leonard

I have experience with nearly every type of pet. I specialize in snakes, cats and dogs, and lizards/other reptiles, but I know a lot about most small pets and other larger pets excluding birds. I own and have owned snakes, frogs, leopard geckos, skinks, all sizes of dogs, cats of many temperament, birds, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and rodents.


I own two cats and have been a past owner of a hamster and a dog for a short time. I have rescued cats from the streets and have volunteered at my local animal shelter walking dogs.

Amber Riskey

I’ve owned many cats, dogs, reptiles, and now am a mommy to two ferrets! In addition, I have been a pet sitter intermittently since high school, and volunteered with multiple pet rescue and vet organizations.

Celina Boardman

I've been a pet owner since a very young age especially with dogs, cats and some fish.

Sophia S

I have a dog and 4 cats! Ive had many other small pets too, such as hamsters, fish, hermit crabs, gerbils, guinea pigs, amphibians, etc. Dont be shy, hit me up!

Jeremy Stoner

I love my dog and all pets including yours.

Layla Advisor

As of pets I know a lot about animals and own quite a few myself. I have a couple exotics.Such as ring tailed lemurs. I also own dogs big and small don’t be shy ask away !

Spike Lynn

I have had animals all my life and have even spent some time working at the Phila. Zoo. Right now I have my own tiny one. We have 4 dogs;3 cats; 3 birds;2 rabbits; 1 ferret and 2 huge fish tanks.