Personal Computer

Noah Bego

Personal computing issues are always difficult to Google search. If it's broken on a personal computer, I think it can be fixed. Years of working on Windows 98 - Windows 10 has given me the confidence to walk any person, with any level of skill, through troubleshooting and fixing the issue.

Jonny Ventre

I am pretty tech savvy and use many programs to help and make my music better! I know my way around a pc and can help you with any knowledge you need in any topic!

Eric Fleming

I have a BSEE. I've been building and using computers since the mid 80's. My primary job now is industrial automation in which we use Virtual Machines (VMWare), Windows Servers, Personal computers (Windows PC), Thin Clients, Ethernet Networking, Manages Switches and Routers.

Michael Rivera

i've repaired computers physically and over the phone as well as via remote desktop. solving program errors, internet connection and finding correct drivers for hardware.

Kevin Kane

I am a technician by trade and gadget geek. I can answer most questions very quickly, and if I don't know I can find out fast.

Nick H

Having built my own computers, I'm pretty familiar with the basics of installing windows and getting things going. I'm also very familiar with the amount of research involved in fixing something yourself.

Mackenzie Evans

I used to be in IT and was the go to person you'd call if you had a question with your computer..or Microsoft suite and google drive.

Tiffany Sharp

80+wpm and basic Microsoft applications and basic general personal computer use and html+css

Aaron Goodstein

I have been using computers since I was in diapers. I spent four years working in IT troubleshooting computer issues. I can help you solve a technical issue quickly or can give you advice on purchasing a new computer or laptop based on what your needs are.

Natalie Bridges

I've been working on computers and their systems over 15 years now. I know the ends and outs of it.

Joseph Sazykin

Laptops and desktops are no problem for me. I rebuilt them and put them together for over 3 years. Need to reinstall Hardware or software? I can provide you with instructions in the cheapest way to do it.

Joshua Engelke

Its easier to ask what I don't know. Apple products are on that list...I don't know anything about apple products

Roger Coleman

I have certification in the I.T field so im very knowledgeable when it comes to technology of any sort or computers, application and hardware.

Kevin Sherman

College credits in computer science, worked freelance performing IT work, currently the go to guy for troubleshooting computer problems, built every computer I've owned other than my macbook I used to own.

Jonathan Kahn

Full time IT support for 9 years.

Christopher Ingram

I have been using personal computers since 1984. I started with the Commodore family of computers and transitioned into PC's in 1992. I began building custom PC's in 1995 and continue to build my own PC's to this day. I started my first company in 1997 as an internet service provider for dial-up internet access in the Columbus Ohio area.

Mary Jo Hampton

computers are awesome and I love that I have learned many things about and can pretty much do anything with / on them.

Tatianna Stevenson

I been working on computers for years. I have had a bunch of computers myself and they are just fun to have. I have taken desktops apart and put them back together. I have cleaned out many computers in my days and made sure they started to run like new.

bubbles sandcastle

5+ years in the american corporate tech machine + 25 years of personal experimentation in my free time! (i'm a nerd)