Jackie Villicana

Certified to teach the 16-week Nurturing Parenting course and 8-week Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma parenting course.

Dane Sander

Do you have children? Then you know how difficult it can be to juggle your work time, personal time, and spending time teaching them how to be a valuable part of the family and our society. I have 4 children of my own. Let's chat and I will encourage you in your efforts and pursuits.

Ivelisse Torres

I am a parent, and a parent coach and mentor for young parents for over 5 years. I also counsel young parents and provide moral support.

Jonny Ventre

I am 35 years old and I am a father of 3 with 2 of my wonderful children attending college and one beautiful daughter in middle school. I am devoted to helping my children being the best that they can be, and I teach them everyday to be the best human beings so that others can learn for their example and so that we can teach future generations kindness. I can provide you with any and all knowledge that I can with how to deal with any stage of parenting to the best of my ability!

Theresa Jewell

Single mother of two, one boy and one girl, positive parenting and communication, running a household, managing your time, handling difficult behaviors, effective forms of discipline, educational activities and interactions, effects of separation and divorce on children.

Kelly McClusky

I have over 25 years in parenting experience, with over 18 plus years in taking parenting classes to make sure I provide my own children and children in my care, with the best motherly experience they are entitled too, for my little blessings from God. (I had also been babysitting since I was 12. I was a toddler teacher in a local daycare for years.) ( I was a personal nanny for a local Dr.) I then had 5 kids of my own. I am very knowledgeable in this area.

Anna O.

I’m a speech therapist, I work with children, I’m a mother.

Meagan Foley

Nanny for over 15 years with children of all ages and a MA in child development and mental health counseling as well as MEd in school counseling. Practice child trauma, grief counseling and family conflict/systems regularly.

John Kelly

I am deeply committed to raising my children as well as I can, and as a father of 4, I can give advice on how to raise your children to be the best versions of themselves that they can be and to maximize the strength of your relationship with them.

Kate G.

I am the mother of a 12-year-old boy, a step-mother to a 14-year-old boy and have an endless experience with many different parenting scenarios. Parenting is the single most magnificent thing I have experienced, but it does come with its ups and downs. Have a question? Ask away!

Carrie Mitchell

I have 4 children with my oldest going to college soon to become a surgeon. My youngest is 9yrs old. I have 3 girls and 1 boy (no my boy isn't the youngest lol).

Tiffany Garland

I have done a lot of research and used self guided learning to get to where I am today with my kids. It's been a rough road but I have finally found solutions that have worked well. I have a child with asthma, and another child with ADHD, Aspberger's (autism), as well as ODD. So I have had to use different techniques for each of my 4 children individually. What works for one doesn't always work for another.

Brittney Stewart

Im a single mom of two boys. Being a parent can be exhausting, but that doesnt get me down. I have a full cheat sheet for anyone that needs it. From meals under 10$ to getting on a schedule. I know great disapline techniques and good activities to help keep your little ones busy and you a relaxed happy parent.

Logan Boese

I have three defiant, strong willed children who love each other, other people, and the world passionately.

Kristen Pickard

I am the mother of 5 and grandmother to 1.

Brian Pemberton

I have 2 boys and I know the ends and outs of being a father. And tips and tricks to make parenting easier.

Daisy Arteaga

Many years of experience in raising children, step children, and extensive knowledge on the importance of rewarding and disciplining children from toddlers to teenagers. Understanding how each child thinks and to learn how to bond and raise each child according to their individuality and, therefore, earning respect from your child.

Elena Milner

Breastfeeding? Formula feeding? Fed is best. Regular diapers? Cloth diapers? Changed is best. I can help you navigate the crazy world of parenting and social media. When to call the doctor and when to wait it out.

James Chamberlain

I am a father of two boys, currently one at 1 year old the next at 6. I know how to handle typical behavior along with certain tricks to get children to listen and do what you ask. I have actually taken Early Childhood Education classes in college.

Naomi Grant

My parents are rarely home or around because they are working. I have had to fully adapt to being a parent. I cook food and healthy food at that, help with homework, discipline (no spanking), read bedtime stories, groom them (do hair, brush teeth, etc). Although, I have no kids of my own, I would consider my siblings to be my kids. I have a nine year old brother with behavioral issues, a four year old sister who is autistic and a three old with stunted growth.

Chelsea Gaston

I am a single mom and have been for 3 years I have 3 children.

Antoine Brown Ii

I’m the oldest of nine kids and I have four of my own right now. As an active father with experience with multiple children as well as mothers, I can give a tip or two.

Krystin Mc Grew

Mommy of two sour patch kids. :) I have an 11 year old son named Jordan, and a 3 year old daughter named Jessa Daniele! Although the age gap is 8 long years, they fight more than anything I've ever seen. It's kind of comical because would Never think that would happen. This is one area I'm not always confident in. Truth.. I have made huge, huge mistakes as a parent. I'll own it. I am not proud of it, but all I could do was make everything better and never look back. I had my son at the young age of 18, so yeah, mistakes were made. I have many influential stories, advice, and just friendly conversation on how I finally became a great mom again. Not saying I was ever a terrible one, but I'm sure, you too, have felt a little guilty about a thing or two in your parenting career. Us parents ,and grandparents, and aunties and uncles have to stick together more than ever now. These kids are so impressionable. They need us to be okay.