Online Dating

Liz Flores

I have used online dating apps and sites for many years. Through this time I’ve studied and learned the art of creating an online profile that will get many prospects. I can also help with communication with these potential candidates and weeding out the less compatibles.

ammara talib

I have been on different dating sites for couple of yeas and during this time I have read some books and listened to podcasts related to dating

Natalie Mangiante

Most of my dates start from online applications. This day and age, it seems easier to meet someone online. It is easier because it is more convenient and you can find some information out about a person before having to meet them face-to-face. It's also not like blind-dating because normally you can see their pictures (although, be careful because some could be Catfishing) beforehand. I seem to have very good intuition on knowing who I should spend my time on and who I should pass-up. This is probably because I have had some bad experiences when I was younger and more naive with online dating, but I grew from that and it has only made me wiser. I know what to look for and I can offer up my advice and answers to any questions regarding online dating.

DF Hutch

I've enjoyed all the lessons learned (good, bad, ugly) via online dating. Everything from launching the profile through the actual meetup is different for everyone, I know. Still, there are some fundamental approaches which prove more effective or advantageous than others. Let me explain...

Emmy Coffey

Met my current boyfriend using an app and had gone on plenty of dates before then. I love talking about dating and can help keep you from wasting time online dating and find someone you really like!

april cayer

I have set up a site for my peers an was great at it I also don it myself so that why I put this as one of the thing that I know of