Gina Low

Recovered personal finance tragedy! I learned the hard way, but I now hold all the tricks to reclaiming credit!

Robert Peninger

When starting a business or work from home venture, you get REALLY good at saving money, finding extra money, and examining your spending.

Vagner Campos

I am Economist and i have worked in Financial Department a long time ago.

Dorise Roberts

I'm a strict budget user, I have the tolerance to separate the things that I need away from the things that I want, which makes a huge differance.


Alot of knowledge on how to save money and make money. I've work with a lot of different agencies for assistance in utility assistance, rent assistance, car purchasing help among other things. I, myself, have been through some rough times and have always been able to bring myself out better than where I was before!

Kirstin Chock

As a millennial, I have the same credit score as the average american in their 60's has! Let me help you.

Mr. Sinistar

Two Successful businesses. Money Comes and Money Goes, But a Brotha Like Me Makes Money Grow. I Bargained with Life for a Penny. And Life would Pay "No More". After doing the Deeds, Life had asked of me. I counted my Scantly Score. Just to Learn with Utter Dismay, "Any" Price I had asked of Life. Life would Have Willingly Paid.

Brittney Angle

Monday don't grow on trees I wish it did though lol but money comes when. you work hard for it and do your best to reach your goal no matter how poor or wealthy or rich you are money doesn't die with you but make it worth having and spending.

nypri warfield

sometimes it's hard to make money so you have to do what's necessary

Tsatsi Nhlapo

Had been good at saving money since from I was in high school and I’m still doing pretty good job

Your Girl

Good at earning, saving, and spending 💸💵

Kayla Merritt

As a Taurus woman I am very sensible and knowledgable about all aspects to do with money- from forex trading to balancing your check book. Growing wealth and maintaining it are key skills I grow daily.

Janie Konken

While personally bad at managing my own money (I'm a terrible impulse shopper) I have a fairly broad grasp of financial management concepts. I have been in several financially oriented classes, and have qualified for four DECA state competitions based solely on my financial knowledge.

Kyla Greene

How to save on: Groceries Eating out Drinks Clothes Hot to save money Not living pay check to pay check

Whitney 4 Life

Trying to make some money doing different things

Melanie 🥰

I have big ideas and am very creative and took financial classes in highschool

Nafertari King

whoever came out with the paper money and why can't we live without it?

Sunny Red

money make me cum