Diana Oliphant

I have been working full time as a model and actor for the last almost eight years. As a freelance model there is a lot to know about marketing, makeup, styling, and staying safe.

Natalie Halbuer

I have been a signed model with 4 different agencies since age 14; from boutique and non exclusive to high fashion and exclusive contracts I am very knowledgable on the industry.

Vee Parsons

Independent/freelance modeling since 2013, signed promotional/ambassador model for The Pit Girls and Toker Girl since August 2018.

Miranda Mueller

Experienced in Modeling for several different local clothing brands, and photographers

Candice Marie

I have been a Freelance model for a little over a year now. I started everything on my own. From setting up my first photo shoots, building my social media platforms, growing a fan base. I think I can help an aspiring learn how to start building their portfolios and diving into the modeling industry.

Linda Diaz

I have been modeling professionally since 15 and full time for several year periods from 19-current time.

Lucy Cates

8 years experience

Jasmine Soliz

I am a professional model.

Kiara Ault

I have been an independent multi-genre model for over a decade. I can advise on building a portfolio, what terms mean, proper booking and shoot etiquette, do's and don'ts of photographer behavior, how to evaluate a photo for quality, how to build a brand and aesthetic, where to look for castings, whether or not an agency is right for you and how to attend a call-back, standard freelance rates and more.

Erica Cook

I've been modeling since freshmen year of high school (2008). I love modeling, it's like one of my favorite hobbies & side hustle! It makes me feel so beautiful and empowering. I have over 10 years of experience. I've done runway, nude, clothing and so many more. I just re-vamped my career into full-time and portfolio to become more professional and experienced. I deal with different photographers all seeking a different look. Diversity is a MUST in this industry, also you have to be OPEN MINDED and CREATIVE.


I been a model since I was 10 I also have been issued in 30 different Magazine spreads and covers in the States and also out of the state. Modeling isn't my passion but I'm very good at it. I seen alot of good and bad things about it and I been around enough well known people to see the end results.....ask and I'll tell more

Sandra Wade

I have been modeling for 10 years now and started my own business to market myself as a brand. I manage all my own websites and have even written a modeling manual.

christina butkiewicz

modeling since 2011. active model and brand ambassador all over the country. wanna get into it? let me help you out!

Livvie Locke

For my job as a webcam model I take pictures all the time. I also went to modeling school for 2 years

Antavian kelley

Sexy,Genuine,Professional and Appropiate Conduct Of Visual Appelaing to seek more in your Outfits

Quilidi Sells

It has also been a huge passion of mine since I was a little girl and been in the modeling business as well for 8 years! I have been apart of many huge fashion shows, hostess for HUGE awards shows with big time celebrities, and demonstrations of cat walking for a very well known runway coach!