Diana Oliphant

I have been working full time as a model and actor for the last almost eight years. As a freelance model there is a lot to know about marketing, makeup, styling, and staying safe.

Natalie Halbuer

I have been a signed model with 4 different agencies since age 14; from boutique and non exclusive to high fashion and exclusive contracts I am very knowledgable on the industry.

Andrèa Cardenas

I promoted myself so well, I had a record deal in 2 months. Now I'm starting to collab with over 20 companies on instagram to help promote their products. I am very good at marketing. Hidden talent I didn't realize I had but I could sell anything.

Livvie Locke

For my job as a webcam model I take pictures all the time. I also went to modeling school for 2 years

Firekracker Ortiz

Been modeling for few years is my escape i love to dominate the camera

Chloe Puddles

I do xxx to plain modeling I cant help with videos and photos requests or pretaken

Tianna Nand

I have been modeling for about 3 years now. I stared modeling on my own and I have found most of my gigs on my own. I have been able to create a steady side stream of income through this hobby. I have also been approached by multiple agencies and I have gone through the interview process. I am well versed on the industry. I have also modeled for a number of companies, including Dolls Kill (insta:@dollskill)

Teyanna Walker

I have 10 yrs+ modeling experience.

Miranda Mueller

Experienced in Modeling for several different local clothing brands, and photographers

Haley Celeste

I started modeling 4 years ago and have been through it all - fashion, runway, swim, boudoir, implied, nude, promotional, hosting, professional dates, and occasional camming. I have been a freelance through all of it and have a good knowledge of the industry and what it takes break into it, including contracts and business plans, networking techniques and tips on how to get free things! How to build and engage with your social media and build an online presence that stands out from the rest is important to know, but so is knowing how to juggle all of everything it takes to be your own business as a model - networking, actual shoots, finding paid gigs and which ones to NOT do even if they are paid, staying safe, legalese, your rights as a model, etc. It takes so much more than a pretty face and a good body, or everyone would do it. Let’s chat!

Savannah Ellison

I think I'm pretty hot

kaylei millette

I have been modeling for about 3 years. I have worked for various number of sites and have done modeling in person as well. I can give tips, advice, and just talk about modeling and how you can grow in the industry. I could probably answer any of your questions on modeling.

Avonlea Lisbeth

I’ve been modeling professionally for 3 years. I do it independently, and love to be very open about any modeling I do.


There are a lot of ways to loose yourself in this business i can help you stay grounded and provide support

Robyn Jones

I have modeled for hair companies and done a lifestyle shoot.

Jenisea Phoenix

As my portfolio indicates, I possess more than 8 years of progressive experience in the Modeling/acting field. My professional history includes positions such as lead model at HunnyBunHair as well as model of the week for Aliexpress. Most recently, my responsibilities as lead model at HunnyBunHair and SisHairBoutique.As my responsibilities included learning the role if need be as well as getting into character on and off the set. I assisted in the successful completion of Roll bounce campaign as well as in production for The Hag. My supervisor also relied on my ability to proofread and excellent communication skills.They were amazed at how fast i got into character and completed the scene. My latest fashion shows include works from Chinó Arté By wayne as i assisted the models as a clothing director & coordinator, but still able to walk in the show as well. Providing an all around model/ assistant for the showcase. My versatility lends itself well to various modeling needs. I am a high-energy model who strives to maintain a positive attitude and freshness throughout long shoots which I believe is an asset for anyone in this industry.

JoJo Ducre

10 years in the entertainment field period. Features in the online community and continuous work.

Vee Parsons

Independent/freelance modeling since 2013, signed promotional/ambassador model for The Pit Girls and Toker Girl since August 2018.