Mental Health

Marie Antoinette Cipriani

Over 10 years experience working directly with severely mentally ill individuals, & preparing individualized court treatment plans.


Because of a lot of trauma, I suffer from Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. I have been to therapy and psychiatric help. I have had many years of professional advice and what makes me feel better. I have a lot of different breathing exercises and meditations, as well as coping mechanisms and advice over how to live with illnesses of the mind. It is sometimes good for you to share with someone who knows your struggle.

Emily Clyne

I have experience as a mental health coach and have one to retreats for training. I am trauma informed and spiritual. I have my own issues with mental health such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorder.

Elaina Adams

I am a Mental Health expert - not a psychiatrist - specializing in Bi-Polar, ADHD, Depression, PTSD, and Borderline. I am fluent in Mental Health medications and I have personal experience in mental health by living with a Dual Diagnosis myself for over 20 years There is Hope! You can gain Power and Control! and you do not have to let your past/diagnosis define you!

Rae Williams

mental health is a real and important issue to stay on top of! whether its you or another person you just need some advice or general answers around.. don't hesitate to talk to me here.

Leslie Hammel

Over the past year I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. (type 2) I have learned about various medications used to treat this such as antidepressants and also mood stabilizers. I have also been hospitalized one time so I am familiar with the process.

Sakeena Hashimi

I have had schizophrenia for the past 11 years and my experience with this illness is that I truly believe that anyone can help themselves without drugs and natural remedies do help a lot.

Fred Cervi

I studied Psychology in college and also have experience with family members suffering from mental illness. Years of experience as a Police Officer dealing with people suffering from mental illness on the job and as father coping with a child suffering from mental illness. The road is long and very tough for a family. I have a great deal of knowledge and advice to offer in this area.

Kenneth King

I'm a Army Veteran with PTSD I served in Operation Iraqi freedom, Operation Noble eagle and Operation enduring freedom. I was given many medals and earned many certificates as a combat life saver with CPR and IV therpy certified. I joined in 07-18-2001 I was in my first part of basic training when they attacked New York knocking down the trade centers. I was made but I done what I believed in but I live with demons daily cause of all my buddy's that didn't come home I sometimes wonder why I'm still here but I believe I can help people in similar situations.

Kelsey Roberts

I was diagnosed with moderate to severe anxiety at the age of 17 and have been dealing with it ever since. I understand when you feel like you have nowhere to turn and the voices in the mind are too loud to think clearly. I am here to help to control those loud thoughts and to offer ways to help calm that anxiousness that’s a part of you. I have learned that if you have anxiety like me, you don’t have to force it “off” but rather instead learn to make friends with it and use it in ways that can help benefit you and your life.

Rei Zhu

I have depression and anxiety. As someone who has more than one pressing engagement at any given time I know how it might feel to have your brain feel mucked up. Let me help you overcome that and become someone who can conquer even their own mind to live your life, unhindered, while still recognizing that it's okay to take time for yourself.

Acacia J

Depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc. are all harrowing mental health disorders. However, there are ways to go about easing the effects of each. I would like to share what I know and how I myself have gotten past depression and continue to live life to the best I can.

Edgar Zotov

I am a Severely Mental Ill diagnosed patient who takes Seritiline and Respiridone. Counceling every week and goal progression are my tasks. I also help others get professional help who have mental or physical disabilities.

Diamond Russell

As I stated within my Bio, I have a great amount of knowledge within mental health; from adolescence’s to teens to young adults to those that are willing to do better and want better for themselves. I will provide all the necessary steps and techniques to help you as best as I can also if you need to vent, this is a NONJUDGMENTAL ZONE! With that in mind, I am willing to help in any way I can because no one deserves to suffer, and go through the trials in life alone!

Austin Durham

You cant understand others until you understand yourself. I can help you do that!

Kanisha Hass

Mental Health Disorders have such a STIGMA; and I have the EXPERIENCE and the COMPASSION one needs when it comes to this topic:)

Adreanne Garmire

I am a passionate mental health worker and am constantly self educating and doing research

Olivia Wendt

Diagnosed with PTSD anxiety depression borderline personality disorder and am an addict. Have been in therapy and inpatient psychiatric hospitals.

Humble Ree

Being apart of the community myself and working in the mental health field. I do pride myself on being able to dig myself out of a horrible depression after the loss of my father in 2012 and being diagnosed in 2014. Since then, I have managed to literally lose everything and gain it all back in ALL areas of my life. It still is something I work at daily but I am so thankful that it happened so I could be here sharing my experiences with others.

Ashlee Jenkins

I suffer with OCD, anxiety, and a little bit of bipolar. I have also had mild depression and have worked around people with these issues. I have coped with a lot of these and know ways to cope.

Kaylee Barlow

My father was diagnosed with bipolar, depression and anxiety and he went a long time with no treatment and no help which led him down a bad path. I was diagnosed when I was eleven with severe social phobia and PTSD, more recently with depression, and have dealt with my own personal struggles. I strive in my life to help others so that they don't have to suffer in silence the way I did. I'm not a professional, and if you're endangering yourself or others then I encourage you to seek out the help of a counselor, doctor, or mental health hotline, but I will listen and give you advice. I'll be able to draw from my own experiences to help you as well as coping methods I've been taught by professionals. Sometimes we just need to talk and that's okay.