Anthony Liberto

Knowing how to market yourself and your talent is a little easier said then done. I have been making a living playing music for 20 plus years and the reason for this is i know how to market myself. When i first started in the business i found out the hard way about marketing myself. There is a lot of competition out there and you have to know exactly how to go after who and what you want. I can advise you or how to put together promo videos and what content to put on your web pages and social media pages. Also something that is very important is knowing how to get along with band leaders and other players. No one likes an egotistical know it all kind of person and this kind of attitude will land you sitting home instead of being out playing making money at what you love to do. You need to know how to contact booking agents and make them want to have you in one of their bands and be that "go to" guy they can always depend on.

Dexter Riley

I have dealt the marketing world with boots on the ground tactics and online tactics sometimes a mixture of both to get the Results necessary to close deals.

Elaina Adams

I have a BA in Business Administration with emphesis on Sales / Marketing. I have worked as a Director of Marketing as well as VP of Sales and Marketing for companies, and even completed successful consulting work for failing business - focused on sales/marketing, business retention, customer relations, reformed inner office flow/workings and more. I have created productive and effective marketing materials for each business - which had a positive impact on sales as well as profit margin. I am creative - with an outside of the box approach - aggressive - driven and successful. I have ran / revamped other people businesses, but I have also started my own business from scratch, and my marketing skills were my strong suite. I have done some Marketing Consulting work for companies such as Cleaning business, Engineering Firm, Gun Shops, Toyota, and Doctor's offices.

Roy Lancaster

I was a manager and member of a New Orleans brass band with 4 studio albums, numerous festivals, and a scene with an original composition in the movie Self/Less. Every performance we sold out of merchandise. I was a top seller of services for Sprint customer service.

Yue Xu

Prior to the entertainment industry, I was a strategic marketing consultant and later became an advertising strategist in NYC. I've helped numerous companies refine their messaging that is compelling, effective, and unique. I am also able to train company executives and spokespeople on how to speak to the media.

Ramon Williamson

Attract high-value clients online. Special Expertise: Online Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales Funnels, Email Marketing, and Copywriting.

Ryan Boyd

I have worked with over 100 companies and I was the CEO of a major outdoor product company.

Clarence Taylor

Using all tools that would expose your brand of business from social media to hitting the streets marketing your product

joshua edwards

I have a major role in a marketing firm for chemical consultancy. I'm in charge of multiple promotions at any time, and run ad's. While I have only been in this position for 6 months. I've been accommodated 2 and have broken several records while in this position.

Dorothy Burton

Every business no matter a start up to a full corporation needs full proof marketing. Whether you need help with your SEO optimization or ideas for a new campaign, I can help you make it happen.

Wayne Rogers

With 6 years in marketing I've learned some things, mostly persistence. Marketing can be a fun career but also a fight for the finish line in some cases.

Marshall Dorfman

Extensive...Everything from live inbound and outbound call center to internet to direct mail to networking to cold call campaigns.

Sarah Mullin

Marketing your target market using customer-trusted marketing strategies and solutions. Taking advantage of the powerhouse of marketing tools, advertisment, and social media available. Reaching your customers where they are. Certified Social Media Marketers & Managers, reaching consumers online. Inbound marketing consulting and management.

Jeremy Carl

Head of grand openings for Restaurants. Own my own Advertising firm.

Rebecca Southall

I am a marketing director now and I have already helped 8 different companies get their businesses on the right track. From big real estate to a small furniture company, I’ve handled a few things in between so give me a shout.

Michael McCarthy

Today one needs to throw everything the old sales gurus like: Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, and Joe Girard taught right out the window...Yet, modern salespersons who have mastered these techniques along with tech driven marketing have surpassed their full potential. We can assess your marketing strategy, advertising copy, internet coverage, etc...In this fast-paced global economy, it is possible to sell fresh cookies made in Baltimore in Beijing (sure they'll cost $1000 a piece. But, hey they're from Baltimore). We can talk about: Why there are so few grill cheese stands, Or you can tell me about your latest business plan or invention, and I'll provide a competent analysis of your plan. .I foresaw the problems Facebook is presently dealing with a year before the news was released,. Newsfeeds based upon algorithms of folks preferences is not the news, It's fortified entertainment that can lead to national security interests. Soon, the entire world population will be mapped in real-time on anyones' computer, There is money to be made from this. I'm looking forward to our time together.

Aaron Johnson

I have taken college course in marketing. I can give you great marketing tips on how to increase traffic to look at your products. I have read books about internet marketing, social media marketing, and lots of ebay books.

Alison Dancho

I have a background in both on site and digital marketing, lead collection and generation, branding and sales.

Brittany Bell

I am an entrepreneur who has operated their own business at one point. I have taken classes and worked with marketing firms. I am aware of the terminology and can help delvekop a proper business and market campaign. I love to developing brand strategies. Need help getting your business in track? Let see if I can help!!

Jamie Gasper

I've been a promotions and marketing assistant for Iheart Media for 6 years.

Darren Dykema

I know how to get to the center of what your buyer is thinking about such products before they know they want it.

Nikki Cloer

Got my degree in advertising from the Temerlin Advertising Institute at Southern Methodist University. Have worked at ad/marketing agencies for over 8 years.

Ashlee Hiffernan

Knowing how to use social media to target your ideal client is the most powerful way you can grow your business. I’ve spent 3+ years (and nearly $20k) leveraging Facebook ads to grow my photography and my retail businesses. I’m also very experienced with building a voice, brand, and website that speaks to your ideal client and maximizes your chances to stand out in a saturated market.

tomori graham

My experience in marketing allow me to take your ideas and create a clear message for your business.