Make Up Artist

Valerie Roman

I have been a makeup artist for over fifteen years, both in retail and freelance. I have worked for companies such as Clinique, Lancome, Dior, Sephora, and Ulta. I am still very passionate and knowledgeable about skincare and cosmetics.

Jamie Gasper

I've been a professional MUA since 2010. I'm certified, not self taught. I have worked on celebrity clients, film, run-way, tv, theatre, haunted attractions, etc. I've done just about every job a Makeup Artist can do.

Juju Johni

For me make up is not the expectation of our society for women as some might claim. Make-up brings out what is hidden inside us. Using some magical tools that make you feel happier and more confident. We all have beautiful features, but with make-up we can boost our beauty and/or use a make-up that fits our feelings that day. My main focus is eyes. As an Arab woman, eyes are the most seductive feature in a woman's face. So we pay extra attention to small details while applying eye-make up.

Joanna Fraire

I am always on the hunt for the perfect foundation, eye shadow, primer, brush lipstick etc on the market. I love reviewing products:)

Vita Provenzano

I've had a life long obsession with Makeup and it shows! Whether its friends asking me to do their makeup for their weddings or just the fact that I no longer go to makeup counters to have my makeup done b/c I like the way I do it better. Feel free to ask me about high end and drug store products. I try to mix up both ends of the spectrum.

Tierra Dobbie

for 7 years now I've been watching tutorials and perfecting my passion.

Jenisea Phoenix

I started my makeup passion in 2014 and haven't looked back since. Acquiring self taught skills overtime and being able to apply a full face in less than 40 minutes in why i strive for perfection in my craft.From fashion shows to simple special occasion makeup , there is nothing i'm not able to create.

Dollie Madeam

I have been doing makeup since I was in the 5th grade so by now I have it all down packed. Eyebrows , eyelashes are DEF my thing! The right techniques for highlighting , contouring. Some great palettes , I can walk you through doing anything makeup !

Karla Sandoval

I can help you with any look you want to create and any tool you need to learn to use! I have experience working in retail cosmetics, photoshoots, applying makeup for when you will be on video, as well as for photoshoots and photographs. Experience with wedding makeup and special occasion looks.

Stella Stryx

I've been doing makeup professionally for years, including body painting, editorial, wedding, and everyday makeup on photoshoots, movie sets, and everything in between.

Tiamet Webb

I've worked as a makeup artist for over 20 years. I've worked as a bridal artist and as an editorial artist. Got a special event, photo shoot or just want to put your best 5 minute face forward daily. I can help.

Tetza McFarlane

Self-taught MUA

Pratiksha Bhandari

because all people have different views so i can be helpful for othera and others for me

Maddy McQueeney

I have had a makeup business for two years now. I can do natural, semi-glam, or full glam on all skin tones. I have even dabbled in men's makeup.

Jessica Fertig

Currently in school to get my licenses but I am self taught with over 5 years of experience. I have experience with lash extensions, permanent cosmetics, as well as face makeup and some FX experience. Most people ask me if I am able to teach them how to find a look that fits their face and personality well.

Angel Moore

freelance makeup artist for 5yrs self taught I enjoy makeup this is definitely my passion

Nery Pila

I have been to make parties for 7 years now I have done special effects makeup bridal makeup I've done makeup for photographers I've done makeup personally for special  events, one of the things that I like to use more is all natural ways to prepare your face before you apply your makeup I like to say that I specialize in that does you as well as natural ways on how to cleanse your face after your makeup so if you have any questions I can help.

Tommi Rae Fowler

I worked freelance solely doing makeup and helping clients find their perfect shades and formulas for all skin types and tones! My primary advice has now transformed to techniques and application of the products. I have knowledge of drugstore brands and formulas as well as high end and even indie brands. I can give a starter course, intermediate, or expert with categories of natural, glam, and drag. Your choice of night or day time looks. I also specialize in advice on which looks are best for problem areas, face and eye shapes, and how to do other clients. Let’s grab a brush and STUN!