Jessica Sorensen

The study of love being the energy that creates the universe is my passion.

Anita Stoudmire

I am a dating and relationship coach with an online love mentoring business. I create programs for men and women who are single or married and I teach them the skills to have better romantic relationships.

Michael Nguyen

If your lonely or looking for someone to talk to or if your bf or gf or partner decide to miss treat you I'm a very good at listening to you and advice or even need a shoulder to cry on msg and if your in Brisbane we can even meet up for a coffee or tea

Ariana Infante

I have had my heart broken many times, loved people who never loved me back, and have had others fall for me. Currently I’m in a relationship with a beautiful woman and we have been dating for over a year now. Fellow members of the LGBTQ+, if you have any questions about lesbian relationships or how to find out if a girl is lesbian, please feel free to message me! I don’t exclude anybody, so all are welcome to message me about anything related to dating. What do you wear on the first date? How do I know if they’re interested in me? Were they flirting with me when I said blah blah?

Angie Andro

I have 15 years of experience helping people find the right path to take. While overcoming any and all obstacles that may be standing in the way I can offer clarification so that you can become the best that you can be and live life to the fullest

Courtney Li

I am an Intimacy Advisor that specializes in getting people back to more than just sex; romance, friendship, communication, etc.

Paige Parcell

I've been through heartbreak and I've loved. I've always been told that I give good relationship advice.

Vanessa P

Ive had very long successful dating relationships, my shortest being 3 years. Ive had every argument you can imagine and Ive learned every lesson.

Iris Chavez

I have loved 1 man half my life and for 12 years. I know a wolf in sheeps clothing and I dont agree with the world of love being painful. There is a right way to love and to accept love. There is a right way to carry it out and avoid hurting the one person u hold dear in your heart. Even if it's more than 1 person being in love with someone for so long teaches you loopholes and guides know how to call the devil a liar where he stands. Loves is beautiful and it can be found if you can fish it out properly.

Brittney Crutchfield

I have been around the block with love. Even though I have suffered a great deal of heartbreak I have never given up on it. My friends say I’m the best at keeping faith in love and what to do to keep that faith.

Sarah Peterson

Love is truly the ONLY way to be successful in any and all relationships.. and there is a right way and a wrong way to do just that! By all means I'm not perfect but if you struggle in any relationship, let me help you by sharing what I have learned in what it truly takes to have a successful relationship.. this is where it will take work and patience on your part but it will be worth it and you will benefit from truly loving others the right and true way and I will be here to help you along the way!

Rae Williams

Love can be a beautiful gift not all get to experience fully. Need some help putting your guard down? signs he or she is up to no good? I'm equally informed on how to handle either sex . 🤗😗

Karissa Hugh

my husband is 17 years older than I am so with that age gap comes a lot of issues we have had to overcome. I would love to try and help anyone who has questions on how to have a successful family.

Yasmin Hernandez

Plain and simple, I made so many mistakes when it comes to love that I know where you should steer clear from. I'm that friend everyone goes to for advice especially about love.

H Kim

I can help with whatever problem you are having with your significant other. I've dated them all. From your "momma's boy" to Mr. right now to the narcissist.

Brittney Stewart

Love is tough. But I have knowledge on good relationships, bad relationships,toxic people, or even taking a risk to tell someone how you really feel. And hey an outer perspective may help you see both good and bad things that you've never been able to before. What ever the case I got you.


Having dealt with many heartbreaks, and multiple relationships in my teens and into my 20's I am confident that I will be able to use my experience with love and being in love to help you with your current situation.

Haley Rossmann

I have been in a long-lasting relationship for over 5 years. No relationship is perfect but I am able to give advice on how to promote a healthy lifestyle between you and your partner.

Dazzle Deal

I have a husband, kids and huge family. I know about love. From the love a woman feels for her man to the love for children, love for siblings and other family as well as a long time friend.

Gary Agurries

Love is a tough yet the easiest of subjects. To be interested in someone your attracted to is easy. pay attention and learn all there is to know about them is a skill. Women are usually emotional and base things on feelings. Men are factual and base things on dates and facts. to make the two work is easier than you think. And never be ashamed of showing emotion, it make you human.

Lucy L

I love love. I welcome it but also know what it means to cut it off for fear of being hurt. I can help you open up and accept love as you deserve it.

Jessica Marie

I am able and willing to give unbiased advice from an outsider's view on love and relationships. I am not a licensed counselor, therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist, however, I do believe that I give honest advice without being hurtful, and many of my friends and family members come to me for relationship advice. I am also LGBTQ friendly.

Bradlei Winter

We, as humans, are often the ones who make Love to be this extremely difficult experience when it's really simple; and we often do this by forcing our personal and often tainted expectations and projections onto what we believe Love should be instead of understanding it's nature and flowing with it. We also sometimes miss LOVE the first time it shows up but the powerful thing about it is that it shows up so strongly that we eventually end up chasing it. LOVE is simple. LOVE is delicate. LOVE is healing. LOVE is honest. LOVE is authentic. LOVE is truly Beautiful.

Brittani Harris

I have successful relationships with both family and friends, most importantly in marriage. I have been loved the wrong and the right way and I can tell you how to navigate in any kind of love relationship.