Mckenzie Brown

Drawing is a form of visual art in which a person uses various drawing instruments to mark paper or another two-dimensional medium

Brittney Angle

life is to short to not take risk but make sure there not no bad risk life is beautiful in many ways you just have to find your own way of seeing how Its so beautiful .don't let time stop you from living ur dreams and loving the life you desperately so desire.

Wally Delgado

I am married to my wife of 45 years and I know that I can share a thing or two about life, relationships and getting along. My wife and I have three daughter and two grand daughters. We are not well to do. We are regular working folk. We take life as it unfolds. Over the years my wife and I have practically been through it all. And we have learned the value of family and being there for each other. I would love to share some insight and advice to anyone who would welcome it.

Brandy Arnold

life can be confusing at times and I've been through ALOT off different situations that have taught me allot. let life guide you through tough times with my story's and advice

Stacy Torres

You only live once. Make an impact.

Jessica Parsons

I have experienced many things in life, so I feel I can help others.

Sabrina Frost

well I've lived 30 years. one kid . daycare.bills . been a big girl since 18 so I know a trick or two

Jae Rose

Going through many trials and errors, setbacks, disappointments, betrayals etc has given me the wisdom that I take and use to help others to grow.

Reflecto 357

Lived life dead, no purpose no mission. May 16th I died in a car accident.., life complexly changed. I am walking this earth alive through his spiritual enlistment

Serena Adkins

ive been rich ive been poor ive seen both sides of the fence

v S

life can be hard sometimes we go to apps close everyday that can cause stress depression anxiety I've been through those things so sometimes you just need someone to talk to I'm here : )

Tiffany Daniels

Tell me about how you have lived your life, what you wish you could/ could not have done. I want to know the story behind how you have become who you are.

Psychic Stephanie

All life questions , worries and concerns! I am here to help!

Jenna Salveto

we've all been through tough times. here to lend a ear if you need ti talk

Beautiful Mystery

Helping people cope & get through bad days is a strength of mine.