Erica Hobbs

I highly value all of the relationships in my life: familial, romantic, friends, work relationships, etc. Taking proper care of each while maintaining healthy self boundaries is important for everyone regardless of being an introvert or an extrovert, empathetic or apathetic.

Gina Rose

The way in which people relate to one another has always interested me. I work in marketing at my school and essentially ask alumni to donate. I am one of the top student fundraisers here. I also have canvassed for political non profits like MASSPIRG and interning for a senator allowed me to work a lot with the public. I have also taught kiddos with disabilities how to ride horses and am therefore able to relate to people from many different backgrounds. I have also learned from the romantic relationships and friendships that i have had in my personal life.

Gabrielle Abram

For me I see can kinship relationships any type of romantic relationship, I have a lot of experience just from helping people with their relationships. it was a career path I wanted for myself before I settled on Dance, it's was my minor in school to be a psychologist cuz I really do like to help couples find their happiness whether be together or apart.

Kelly Griffin Pittman

Kinship is the most universal and basic of all human relationships and is based on ties of blood, marriage, or adoption. There are two basic kinds of kinship ties: those based on blood that trace descent and those based on marriage, adoption, or other connections.

Kelvin Edwards

I have been in the same "healthy" relationship a little over 14 years now. That's not to say we haven't had issues. On the contrary, we've gone through a whole slew of issues; yet, we always manage to work through the hardships. To love is a choice and I choose it everyday...Sorry for being a little corny but it's the truth.

Rina Maya

I have a good understanding of how we manifest everything physical in our lives through emotional manifestation. Reality is only that, which you believe. Give yourself a chance.

Janahya Collier

This deals with your relationship with yourself as well as others . The goal when it comes to kinship is to get others to open up about the relationship with themselves as well as how they deal with others to get a better understanding of how to build better relationships

Vanessa Newson

Relationship expert in given great advice in so many different topics. Marriage, Family, etc

Eugene Rollin

This is my forte! Helping people make sense of their relationships is and has been a full time job of mine for my entire life. Talk to me and let's get it figured out together šŸ˜Š.

Taylor Nicole

Personal relationships are the most important things and we always forget to maintain them. I feel that it isn't automatically something we're "wired" to do. This is why I have learned how to determine what relationships are worth keeping and which are worth abandoning.

Aundraya Andrews

I am very knowledgeable on how people and relationships work from not only my own experience but being aware of body language as well as certain cues.

Myrna Zenon

Everyone always calls me to help them with any situation that may arise or even direct them into the right direction

Kelcie Hays

Youngest of my family, military background, I have an older sister, I live with two females.

Tracy Williams

I studied psychology and Human Behavior in college. As a professional Life Coach, I have worked with people going through the transition of divorce, dating and family relationships.

Mackenzie Evans

Psychology, interpersonal relationships, understanding and caring.

Shakisha Mckinney

because i give great advice to make things work

Cristine Piata

I have Psychology level courses

Joe Ingrassia

Expert through school studies and personal experiences.

Zocimo Palma

I try to connect with everyone on a deeper level to build trust and healthy communication. I aspire to inspire those around me.

Alisha Jamison

I've dealt with blood family issues such as dealing with a sinister sister and an abusive family member. I was able to overcome our issues while continuing to work through them. I know how it feels. Or if you want great advice about anything that has to do with any family occasions such as a celebrations or a funeral. I come from a very big family and have planned many events for holidays and special occasions. I am your go to girl.

april cayer

this one is a good one funny actually both my kids had to b in kinship I have also had to help with some friend s while they were incarcerated I did kinship through the state may times very simple actually

Patty Mc Guire

Iā€™m good at giving relationship advice.