Kory Kane

I am a Holistic Nutritionist who currently uses herbs to create tonic tea elixir regiments to reverse ailments. I have over 10k hours study in the subject

Kate Nelson

I’ve been practicing and learning about herbal healing and creating my own herbal remedies for over five years. I am self-taught, and grow many of my own herbs in my backyard.

Raven Ariele

Avid researcher and gardener with 2 years experience growing/using medicinal herbs.


I've studied independently all types of herbal and natural cures and have tried many myself or recommended them to close friends and families and people that have asked me for my apt opinion. Since the age of 13 I've been very interested in this topic. On the daily, I dive into gaining knowledge about the benefits of many products, herbs and food we consume and utilize: their minerals, vitamins and contents. I will extensively explore any topic, product, and or herb that you may have a query about, and I will recommend the best 1-3, if not more natural aid(s) and/or therapy that I can procure for your inquiry. I will do everything I can to provide you with the best information. However, note that I am not a doctor and all advice will be taken at your sole discretion.

Maysun Black

I am a clinically trained professional herbalist with a long lineage of Chinese herbalists in my family and have been practicing since childhood. My practice pulls from all regions of herbalist internationally. As an adult I will teach you to access what's close to you. whats local and what you can reach for in your kitchen or garden or from your local herb shop. Im here to guide your body to utilize plants for balancing out your systems. I offer remote clinic from the comfort of where ever you are utilizing diagnostic techniques such as tongue, eyes and astrology.

Jennifer Spearman

I know most herbs for the natural healing of your body and the experience in them for what each herb is and what its function supports and treats.

Genesis Norton

My mother was never a believer in modern medicine (not saying it is not necessary, as I believe it should absolutely be used if needed) She's an old fashioned Mexican lady. Loves to have her garden filled with many wonderful plants. She has taught me so many benefits from plants, and the proper way to mix and process them for any need.

Alyson Torsone

Holistic Health consultant specializing in neuroendocrine disorders for over 12 years in sales and private consult business utilizing herbology, supplement therapy, and nutrition. Former Director of Patient Relations for East Bay Canna Community, and six years experience in DSP Case Managment.


I have had an interest in herbalism for quite some time. The majority of my family has careers in western medicine, I however have more of an interest in natural medicine. I am NOT certified, but I can point you in the right direction and give you a good place to start. My advice is NOT intended to replace that of a certified practitioner.

Tytiana Lacy

15 years traditionally celebrated and studies I know so much because its apart of my life and what i raised on

Sarah Charbonneau

I have been studying natural medicine for 4 years and practicing for 1. I am well versed in supporting health with herbal remedies. I have a strong knowledge of nutrition as well.