Mattias Felder

Great tips for general health and advice no matter what scenario. My tips for health won’t be some bullshit that people will tell you to take vitamins, sometimes I will give you useful advice with actual things you can take or do. Be open to consulting with a wellness clinic to make it easier to gain access to some things.

Riza Matet

Health is wealth so prevention is better than cure

Angel Cruz

I'm a registered nurse here in California. I'm always free to answer your questions about health. 😊

Zahrah Sita

I am a Health Educator with professional training in natural health practices, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Herbalism, Nutrition, Detoxification, Bodywork Therapies, Shamanic Healing, and more.

Niki DiSera

I am a Health coach and have an educated background in creating sustainable habit change. I help people change their relationship to food, teach them what to eat that is good for their body and help them take back ownership of their life. A lot of this is based around mindset coaching and we change your beliefs to help you get to your healthiest version of YOU.

Aun Berardi

I recently lost 60lbs in 2018 and have kept it off consistently while slimming and toning areas I would like slimmer and growing muscle groups I would like bigger. I have knowledge of both nutritional eating plans and workouts to slim down or build muscle.

Ashley Slay

75% of your existence is balancing on your healthy and not so healthy habits. What should you start doing and what should you stop doing today to be the best you can be, and to live a longer and healthier lifestyle

Donato Jones

Most think of health being the typical hygiene standards. Though it coincides other conditions contain mental , and physical states . Healthy Heart is the Way to Start . (Contact for more information)

Emily O’connor

I have lived with many chronic illnesses throughout my life, including asthma, chronic pain, a heart condition, and more. I have experience with many different types of doctors, medical testing, medical procedures, medications, and more. I am passionate about advocating for my own healthcare. Maybe my personal experiences can help you somehow. *Please note that I am not a doctor and can not offer medical advice. I can only offer my own experiences and personal opinions.

Laura Zelko

I graduated from UC Berkeley with my BA in Public Health, and furthered my study of health by completing a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Ryan Anderson

I am in training to become a DDPYoga instructor and have totally changed my diet and lifestyle. I’m super focused on taking care of myself while also not beating myself up. I’ve lost 47 pounds doing DDPYoga and making lifestyle changes and I want to share my knowledge, passion, tips and tricks for health and feeling good daily!

Marcelia Rodriguez

I’ve lost 22 pounds going from a size 14 to a size ten I love to eat healthy and exercise so I’ve done a lot of research. At my highest weight I weighed 198 and I’m still losing weight just from eating healthier and a basic workout routine. I’m currently 176lb and have tones up quite a bit and it only took me 3 months.

Lauren Woods

As an ER registered nurse in NYC for the past 10 years, I’ve seen almost every disease process imaginable

The Residential Monk

I have learned early on in life that "health is wealth". Feeling good is vital! There is no sense in having boatloads of money when your health is not optimal. Optimal health is achievable by anyone regardless of their current state of well being. I have helped people of all types with their health (overweight, drug addictions/recovery, disease, discomfort, tumors, including brain tumors causing migraines, cancer, back issues, bad thoughts, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and many other states of discomfort or lack of well being). There are many different ways to get healthy and the easiest way is to just start taking steps, even if they are small. Take the steps! Actively participate in your life! What I do to help is first I ask questions. I get an understanding of a person's life (foods they eat, challenges they may face leading to stress and anxiety, habits they may have, exercises and stretches they may or may not do). I then work with them creating a plan based on their individual needs and lifestyles. I will discuss foods, spices, herbs, exercises, meditation, and stretches that will benefit the body. There are many ways to achieve a healthy life. Let's find the best way for you. If you or anyone you know, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, parent, or friend have a desire to live a happier healthy life please reach out.

Michael cohen

I have medical experience also I have first hand experienced a couple things

Gaynel Ricketts

I know about living a healthy lifestyle, dieting tips, fitness, losing weight, and also veganism

Markie Alves

I’m very body conscious about my food, and workout routine, everyone has a different body, so let’s help you find a great plan!

christina faransi

Health is very important. Our health needs to be taken care of. Exercising, eating nutritious meals, having a great sleeping schedule are all important!

Nicole Diaz

Tips and tricks on mixing a healthy life mentally and physically! Easy and cheap ideas to get motivated and healthy!

Annelove L.

I am resourceful about health care because I study how to care for the body mind soul on a daily basis. From vitamins, exercise, fasting, healing,etc...

Kacy Brown

I study natural medicine, including herbs, essential oils, accupressure, and spiritual healing.

Jordan Bruns

health.. I love exercising I think it is important!!!! I think self care is such an important and overlooked need in life.. if you don't take care of yourself I love watching documentaries about SCIENCE so anything food related, I love reading on how certain food impact our body and environment DATA proves everything. I know we are human and not perfect but taking the time and being mindful goes a long way

Peter Card

Alternative healing has been tradition on both sides of family at least as far back as the 1950's when it was barely known.

Nate Lobdell

Captain of sports teams, consistent gym goer, active person in general. Also, cooks healthy, nutritious meals