Alvarado Fiore

i just love video games.

Natalie Davis

I am a avid gamer!

Travis B

been a gamer since the age of 5

Moon Grimson

love gaming and talking about it

Moon Grimson

love gaming n willing to nerd out with u

Bam Green

I've been gaming for years now. My fav games to play are the Left 4 dead series.

Deletethis account

I'm a gamer, so if you want to any anything about a particular game I'm here.

Baby Princess

i played games my whole life can help you in every level!

Matthew Stawinski

I have been gaming all of my life on a variety of games and consoles, all with a good amount of skill.

Kishan Prasad

This is the generation where people find gaming as main source of income and also find communication among gaming communities

Colleen Hardy

I am a avid PC and Xbox gamer.

Rajatendu Dey

I play a lot of games and have a great expertise on games like counter strike and many other fps games.

Kel Michelle

I have been playing video games since I was three years old. I love everything from Skyrim to Postal.

Destiny Kachel

Been a pc gamer all of my life. Know a lot about RPGs mmorpgs and moba.

Alvin Tran

I play too much, it’s what I love and what I do for a living. Talk to me about any game under the moon and we could go for hours on end!

Milo Zittlow

When referring to multiplayer games I see a good gamer as someone who has the ability to outperform at least 50% of the playerbase. But also they are helpful to newer players and help to teach strategies and concepts to help their teammates who know less. I don’t think that the people with the most kills that are berating everyone are necessarily good. I think they are skillful, but they can’t help their team as much as if they were trying to support the lower skilled portion of it. I am not perfect either, but if a newer player on my team is complaining that they don’t know what is happening or even on the enemy team, I’ll try and help as much as I can. In single player games I really don’t think there is a “good” gamer. Single player is just that, for you to play alone. If you enjoy slow, and careful gameplay, then you are good if you play however you want. I really don’t think you can measure how “good” someone is in a environment where everyone is playing how they want to. In single player environments I try to make everything as slow, large scale, and epic as possible. That means in games like Star Craft, I’d rather let the enemy have time to build up so we can have a titanic clash of huge proportions. I don’t like speed running things and doing the minimum to win. However the people who enjoy that are certainly able to play how they like.