Chandi P

Certified Personal Trainer with 2 years experience of working in the fitness industry. I have always loved living a fit and active lifestyle and it brought me so much joy when I was able to turn my passion into a career opportunity. Fitness is not just something you do just to look good it takes complete dedication and ultimately a life 180. Every decision you make throughout the day affects your level of fitness. It goes way beyond just physical preparation, its mental preparation. I have professional experience conducting group classes, fitness consultations, and designing personalized fitness programs for individuals looking to enhance their personal life. My expertise is in strength training and nutrition. Any health instructor will advise you that food plays a major role in any fitness routine. Even adjusting the time you eat and the macros/micros can give you a completely different look. With my background I can assure you that I can provide the advice you need to begin and/or maintain a fit and active lifestyle.

Ashlee Jenkins

I've always had issues with my weight. So I turned to fitness. This is an important one for me because I can talk about healthy weight loss, body image, work outs, healthy meals.

Jordan Smith

I have been into fitness since I was about 12 and have been working out ever since. I got a gym membership a few years ago and have really seen my mood and physical features change.

Shaye Marr

- 10+ years - 14 Nationally accredited certifications. - 13,000 hours of 1 on 1 personal training

Michael Brashear

I like to do crossfit and calisthenics. I've played football, basketball, and ran cross-country 5k races. I can share info for workouts and dieting.

Chad Lesher

I have been studying nutrition, fitness, and overall health and wellness for the last ~15 years since I picked up my first dumbbell in college. And I haven't looked back since! I can safely say I was in my absolute best shape at 30 (how many people can honestly say that?!?) and now, at 35, I'm once again near my all time best! Hit me up if you're looking to implement something new that will change the way you look and feel. Don't get me wrong though, it will not be easy. But how many things that are worthwhile in this life are???

Gabriella Cacciatore

Personal Trainer for 7 Years.

Orry Gunay

I have always been a small kid until one day i had enough and i started working out and learning i went from 155 to 195 and then cut back down to 165 i have a vast knowledge of any type of workout for ehat ever your goal is

Jelisa Howard

Fitness is extremely important to me as well as what we eat if you were to look at me you would never know that I used to be 270 lb because of diet and exercise I'm currently 150 lb I went from wearing a size 18 to a size 5 and it's something that I work on everyday Fitness is a huge part of my life

Evan Winkelman

Fitness has been my passion for over 7 consistent years now. The thing is that nobody truly knows every single thing having to do with fitness, because it’s ongoing and we are constantly learning new things about our bodies on daily basis. With deep study I have cracked a majority of the fitness codes and secrets to reach your goals.

Jay De Jesus

NASM certified Personal Trainer Owner

Filip Rezabek

Are you newbie at fitness ? wanna get into shape a gain some lean muscle ? you are at right place

Samantha O Neal

I love feeling good and looking good. I am a personal trainer.

Michael Robertson

Im a pro athlete

Becky Lackenby

I've been going to the gym for years and I'm in good shape