Robert Finch

As a luxury fashion expert, my knowledge is vast and accessible to any who require it. My full-time job requires me to be consistently ready to answer any questions regarding fashion brands, their brand signatures and the history behind them. I also specialize in the authentication of luxury fashion goods, boasting the knowledge of textile engineering and textile production.

Collette D.

Whether you’re in need of an interview outfit, a little somethin’ extra for a date, or just want to step up your game, I have experience helping over 100 men and women pick out what they need to walk into a room and own it.

Deborah Freeman

Fashion for me is everything. I love to play with my style. I like everything from classic to chic to glam.

Janda Bouzakis

I have a true love for Fashion! I do enjoy some of the mainstream looks, but I do love creating unique ensembles by thinking outside of the box.

Shanice Johnson

Fashion is something not everyone has born with or the eye for it. I will help you learn the basics and allowing you to explore your sense of style while being fashionable.

Sonya Rhodes

I've been interested in fashion for a good portion of my life. Clothing conveys who you are, your personality, what you care for--it's important to get it right. I'm in a love hate relationship with the fashion industry at the moment, both admiring the creativity of multiple designers, but also hating the prices.

Amelia De Luca

Fashion is so important to me! I am up to date with all the latest trends. My favorite brands include: Coach, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

Dorothy Burton

From today's trends right down to the retro and vintage looks, I am always in the know for whats trendy or even ready to help set the next trends.

Ashley Hayward

I try to create visually interesting outfits every day. It's my passion. I have a style blog and a large social media following for my outfits and outfit challenges. I know a million ways to mix and match pieces and patterns to keep things interesting!

Jordin Belton

I am currently in school for fashion. Fashion is something that I have been fascinated with for a very long tine.


Over 15 years experience in trends, fashion forecasting, fashion design, styling and modeling.

Mishila McGrady

I keep up with all the latest fashions and Trends I have been a personal dress assistant so numerous of local artists that are upcoming and I've helped mature their image so where their careers have now taken off and they still use me from time to time for fashion advice.

Chris Grimaldi

I own an online fashion store. I am extremely knowledgeable with providing fashion tips based of body types. Also I’m very educated on the history of fashion.

Libby Krell

I’m always stopped and questioned about my fashion choices . Whether vintage or 2020 I’m a trend setter .

Kacy Brown

I design and sew, following trends from every genre. Ask me about color and style themes for any body type.

Sarah Baker

Lifelong close-horse and amateur designer (15+years) in a range of materials from knitwear to cut-and-sew self made patterns. I have spent many years as an aid and stylist to friends and family, and currently style myself and others at photoshoots regularly.

David Williams

All current fads & styles. Stylist intuition. What to wear & What not to wear. In style & Out of style.

Kaitlin Andreas

Tim Gunn "make it work". The thrift stores raised me into an eclectic girl that does what Tim Gunn tells me to. My style icons are G-Dragon, Billie Eilish and Aquaria so thats where I'm at.

Sumi De

I've worked in the fashion industry for 5 years now and can spot/predict a trend in a heartbeat (I know this sounds wild but it's true!). I am a lover of all fashion (from budget to high-end) and can definitely provide you with some solid style tips. I am huuuuge on budget/sustainable fashion, and can totally provide you with some tips to craft amazing outfits for less than $50. I'm an experienced thrifter as well so I can give you some tips on how to maximize your thrift trips!

Kourtnee King

Went to UCLA for fashion marketing and design. Your go to everyday stylist

Aaileyah Lynn

I am model ,and i keep up with all the latest gashion trends,styles and secrets.I love having new things.Expensive taste

Ageha Magica

I love kawaii fashion and cute things