Eating Disorder

Mandy Joan

I have personally struggled with Anorexia for years and have been in and out of hospitals & treatment centers. Now in recovery I have alot of knowledge on not only my own battle but knowledge about how to survive & live your life again!

Rachel Everett

I personally have suffered from eating disorders, my mother and other family members have as well. I know from my education and experience the methods to recover or steps to take for those who are not trying to ensure they maintain a less threatened lifestyle as to provide them with another outlet and ensure prolonged life. I can and have provided coping mechanisms to those who suffer and family.

Jordan Brown

After the car accidents my stomach got messed up from the seatbelts. I lost 65+ pounds in less than 4 months. I’ve met with dietitians and doctors with Froedtert who have helped me get back on track.

India Aviles

it is most defiently notnthe end of the world! having trouble staying out the fridge and staying in the gym? let me help motivate you !I had a eating disorder talk to me i can help.

Emily Clyne

I am extremely knowledgeable in eating disorders as I have struggled with one beginning at age 13. I have gone to support groups, therapy, and residential treatment. I can help you or a loved one with next steps and how to get help.