Digital Marketing

Kelly Davenport

I have been an artist my whole life & have become a graphic designer over the past 6 years. I studied Design & Visual Communications at school as well as Journalism, Advertising, PR & Media Studies. I have worked for the Walt Disney Company, NBA, National MS Society & many more fantastic organizations. I have had a lot of job & intern experience with marketing and socials.

Malachi Rivers

I have 5+ years worth of knowledge of the ins and outs of US business as well as International Business in terms of Marketing, Retention, Branding, and Expansion.

Horse Wren

I own a Professional Celebrity Marketing Agency with a huge client list of very happy people. We provide 24/7 client marketing strategies that allow for optimum outcomes successfully. Digital marketing is one out of nine ambient points of marketing a client.

Chris Grimaldi

I utilize the web and social media for all of my endeavors. So I’m very knowledgeable with building brand awareness, creating email lists, targeting your audience, and finding a niche that is suitable for your company/ trade.

Drew Caldwell

I am a former E-Commerce site owner, and Marketing Director. After 10 years in Sales and Marketing I am offering my marketing services in exceptionally beneficial packages. With expertise ranging from content creation to full scale strategy and management, I am confident I can take the worry away from any client. Let's examine the best methods to: Increase reach, Grow subs/followers/likes/thumbs, Improve SEO, Brand your entity, Boost retention, Innovate your entity, and more!

Tianna Nand

I have worked at a digital marketing firm as well as at Facebook and done a significant amount of network marketing. I have been in the field for about 3 years and I live/ work in the Silicon Valley so I am up to date on the newest marketing tools, algorithms and resources.

Keith Evans

I led the digital marketing department at for three years, during which time the company more than doubled in size and revenue. I grew the marketing department to a considerable presence, and had strategic and tactical responsibilities for email, marketing automation, SEO, SEM, PPC, influencer marketing, online reputation management, PR and all other aspects of digital marketing. I subsequently became a senior executive in a digital marketing agency before starting my own freelance consulting and marketing business.

Amir Bensouda

I have 2 certificates from Google and I am present on most social media platforms. I scored an A on both of my undergraduate and graduate marketing classes.

Zach Simas

How to utilize social media channels to reach your target audience and speak with effectiveness to them. Creating a voice.

Daniel Brown

I love digital marketing and the reason I found a passion for this is because before I was successful, I failed... HARD! I had to understand what platform was best for me, how to communicate on those platforms and why were people failing. Growing a business is hard if you don't understand digital marketing because on the outskirts of your imagination it sounds like you should be able to put your content or promotion material out there and be heard... Let me help you save time, money and energy and bring clarity to why certain things aren't working in your business and what you can do to bring more income and customers pouring in.

Michael Provinzino

I have worked in sales and marketing, owned my own business in multiple different areas, real estate, online sales, wedding and event planning. I have worked in multiple sales positions, some at the highest level selling B2B, to consumer and also at the corporate level. I worked with a large corporate company in assisting training for their sales staff across the US.

Rob Zweerman

Online marketing is the basis of everything. I can teach you what will work for you and how to get started.

Breon Segree

Digital has changed the game for most business leaders especially when it comes to their marketing strategies. Top executives, not just those leading marketing, must make sure their companies are at the leading edge of digital marketing or they will be left behind. They must build sales, marketing, service and operational teams that have the ability to merge technology and creativity. This new era of digital marketing also requires leaders to be in close proximity to the customer to understand how they are evaluating partners and making buying decisions. Having been a consumer for the majority of my life, I have the understanding and the relatability customer side and the business side. The question everyone must ask themselves is whether their organization is ready for the next phase of digital marketing. if the answer to that question is no, then I can be of assistance.


I use all my social media accounts from Twitter, FB & IG to promote my brand as well as other peoples brand. I feel like when starting a business you have to treat it like it's your baby...... ask and I'll explain more.

Emmanuela Onu

I am able to get quality leads for Chiropractors and other businesses using a very unique model that works. I know what makes a good funnel and also knows everything about Facebook ads.

Aaron Abrahamer

Digital marketing is similar to traditional advertising but it requires a digitally comprehensive formula...

Michael Codner

My separate but equal love for psychology and business is a natural segway into a career in marketing, which is just where I am currently. As the owner of Way To Grow Marketing, I get the privilege of being able to curate a complete marketing strategy for my clients. From building brand awareness to monetizing leads, to cultivating raving fans. A successful marketing strategy NEVER stops at a customer purchase. This is where shortsighted plans will fail the test of time. It is the job of a professional marketer to romance the prospect through the entire customer journey. The key to customer trust and loyalty is knowing when to provide value while asking for nothing in return. Master this and you will master the hearts of your clients!