Dean Rino

Have had a Domestic relationship that gave me PTSD as well as severe depression and with the help I was able to test it without a support system I would love to help you be someone’s support system if you need it I understand how hard it can be to go through this by yourself

Alexandra Martinez

Depression, I use to struggle with this, I received an advice one day that changed my life completely, I’ve helped friends that struggle with this, and I still do.

Archi Zayerz

I’m diagnosed with severe underlying depression. I’ve learnt to cope A LOT better and I’m a certified cognitive behavioral therapist. I can give advice on coping mechanisms, listen, and more.

Davonyea Marcel

I normally speak to people who are dealing with depression, so this is nothing new to me. I saw this app and figured it’d be a great way to reach out to more people. I genuinely just want to see you in a better state of mind

Austin Ricco

As someone who has struggled with an anxiety disorder, depression, and ADHD for years, and has sought help, I find myself well versed on the topic and may be able to help you as well.

Matthew Brown

Major in Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Sociology

Savannah Taylor

After my diagnosis I did a lot of studying and would be happy to share coping skills or just be a stranger to listen.

Jerry Campbell

Certified Depression Counselor

Courtney Coleman

Depression is really the feeling of unwanted not satisfying enough or not being good enough, when in reality we're always aiming to please others where we should be pleasing ourselves sometimes being in a job or not having money feeling broke we need to realize what we have in the now because there's someone out there thats far worse than you does it mean that ur better just means that you need to be thankful for what you have. the Cure is simply telling yourself you're worth it Encourage Yourself everyday for 15 minutes in the mirror speak positive things in your life that you want to change and have it for you.. doesn't happen right away but watch the change

Taeyana Trerotola

I have been admitted for depression, I have had suidcial depression, etc

Amanda Coco

I've been depressed since I was 12 and I've gone thru medicine electric shock therapy counseling and so much more and what I've done to help me thru this sickness.

Sierra Waff

I’ve had it since I was a small child! I live with it every day, some darker days than others.

Janise Alicea

Ive suffered with depression for about 2 years and conquered it. Depression is hard. But not forever.

Amber Smida

Having been diagnosed with Cyclothymia and anxiety disorder at a young age, i have spent the last decade researching psychology and psychiatry in effort to better understand my condition. I am often praised for my ability to rationally accept and understand traumas I have experienced and continue to experience, which allows me to find solace and acceptance.

billy mitchell

I have been diagnosed with depression, along many other disorders. I don't believe these things are real. Every human feels depression and its necessary in life. Where there are ups, there are downs, this is part of life and once people understand this ideology we can progress as a society

Jane Williams

I was severely depressed myself for a while when I was younger and it even sent me to a point where I tried to kill myself. But my grandma being a very spiritual person helped me through the tough times and shared some secrets with. I want to do the same, I wanna helped whoever it is out of that dark hole. I'm here.

Courtney Savage

I've been depressed most of my life. I also have a degree in psychology and will not judge you. thoughts can be tricky when you link them to yourself. but they are not your own you did not create the thought you are only replaying something you've already heard...

Rose Talley

I have alot of experience

Juicy Mama

Im able 2 help out in this topic because i myself have been depressed so i know what it like and i can definitely relate 2 the next person story.I love 2 listen 2 their stories and give positive feedback so I can help them cope through those dreadful feelings.

Jacqueline Cain

Depression . I personally have struggled many years with depression . You are not alone . What ever you are dealing with please remember you are not alone . I am here for you . Talk to me . Let me try and help you . Let's talk .

Alisha Collins

People don't understand there's a difference between being depressed from a bad day and having prolonged depression. Depression is something I've dealt with for many years. It's a real thing, it's a diagnosis and it can consume a person's mind. Just seems like nothing goes right. Nobody cares, or nobody gets it. I've actually had people try to joke about it and say "cheer up" like i was just having a bad day. Thank God for this site because depression's a very serious thing and it's not something to take lightly, as well as the other things I have listed. So hopefully I can help out with whatever is going on. And don't ever feel like you're complaining because I understand it can be repetitive.