Jodi Marshall

Online dating wasn’t a “thing” when I met my first husband. By the time the divorce had been filed and I was ready to put myself out there again, OKCupid was on its way to becoming all the rage. While skeptical at first, I took to the online dating medium like a fish to water and while I maintain my skepticism of its holistic value and efficiency when it comes to finding true romantic chemistry, I can advise on optimizing any facet of the online dating experience – from profile creation to power dating – if I hadn’t met the man of my dreams and now-husband, I would have turned online dating into a second career.

Yue Xu

I've been a dating coach since 2009, starting in NYC and expanding my business to LA, Beijing and SF. I also currently host the Dateable Podcast, a weekly show all about modern dating. Dateable was named one of the top dating podcasts by the Huffington Post and BET, and has been featured in Thought Catalog, Bustle, Brit+Co, AskMen, SF Chronicle, and more.

Jenna HP

I would like to think of myself as someone who can give relationship advice whether it is romantically or issues with friends. I have had my fair share of toxic relationships and I would like to help others who need a neutral opinion.

Anita Stoudmire

I am a dating and relationship expert and I have written a few books on dating, online dating and marriage.

Bekah Scott

All my friends come to me for their dating advice. I’ve been on many many dates and dated quite a handful of people. Including living with my partners. I can share my stories and help answer any questions from a woman’s point of view that you may have about it. I can also help you to point out red flags and unhealthy behavior patterns before you get in too deep. I’ll probably even be able to tell you a few things NOT to do when dating.

Leora Kittleson

I sure have been there done that in the dating department. I’ve got a great have / have not , and to do / not do list and some tips and trade secrets you’ll need to hear!

Nina Soto

I have plenty of knowledge in dating I joke that I should write a book on my experiences lol , some times it feels there is no hope or some don’t know how to go about asking someone on a date what to do on the date ? What is crossing the line ? Is it okay to pay not pay ?

Coach Christy

I’ve been single, and I’ve dated. I realize that there are my challenges in the world of dating. I also know that depending on the age in which you are dating, there are certain levels of comfort, discomfort, confidence, or lack of confidence. I know that whether it be long or short-term dating, we all want to be successful at it. I’ve had many persons share with me dating insights. I’ve watched dates and body language from afar on dates and been able to provide useful feedback and opinion. I can provide contrast conversations. Most of all, I’ve likely been you. And therefore I’m probably going to relate to your questions.

Lunar Astral

I've been on a lot of dates in my life. Had a lot of companions. And been to alot of really cool places. Dating can be a life altering event! It can lead to long-term relationships or even marriage, as it did in my case! If you are just starting out dating and don't know how to go about it, or what to expect! Or you are a veteran dater, and want ideas on good dating practices. Then let me help you brainstorm! Together we will come up with awesome ideas to make your dating experiences memorable!! I'm new on this platform but available at all times. Start a chat!!

Pashia Rogers

Well I was married from 18 -23 yes counseling included was a stripper from 24 to 28 and i identify as being queer and then some trust ive been through every scenario imaginable

Ariana Infante

I have had my heart broken many times, loved people who never loved me back, and have had others fall for me. Currently I’m in a relationship with a beautiful woman and we have been dating for over a year now. Fellow members of the LGBTQ+, if you have any questions about lesbian relationships or how to find out if a girl is lesbian, please feel free to message me! I don’t exclude anybody, so all are welcome to message me about anything related to dating. What do you wear on the first date? How do I know if they’re interested in me? Were they flirting with me when I said blah blah?

Robyn G

Having worked as a certified counselor since 2015, I love nothing more than to lend a hand and offer support wherever possible.

Kenya Daley

I managed to have my most preferred dating experience by falling in love with my high school sweetheart and being married to him while raising our son. The before and during experience definitely taught me the true meaning of honesty, sincerity and so much more that men and women need to be reminded of.

Samantha Green

Very knowledgeable about what women look for in a relationship and am very in tune with all aspects of a healthy dating relationship.

Valerie Roman

Lots of bad relationships and issues with codependency have led me on a journey of self-discovery, and I am now able to identify healthy relationships and relationship habits. I also have experience in leaving toxic relationships successfully.

Markarious Searcy

You never know where you'll find love, but it's possibly in every area. When dating you like someone and you’re trying to get to know them better. Also you're spending time with a person in hopes of finding a committed relationship. But you can also be talking to multiple people in order to decide when to commit when getting ready to settle down.

Meagan Foley

I worked along side the Professional Wingman and E-flirt expert. I have handled numerous marriage counseling sessions.

Stormtide Goddess

I love dating. I love everything about it. The courtship, the fun, the mystery, all of it. My specialty is older-younger dating, namely older male-younger female. I have always gravitated towards older men and I have learned loads over the years that I feel would be valuable to a person who finds themselves suddenly in love with someone 10+ years older than themselves. My philosophy background really helps me to take a deeper look into the relationship between two people as whole rather than scrutinising the symptoms. My goal is to help you get into the healthiest mindset to have a successful relationship no matter whom you choose to be in love with.

Emily Ferguson

I have lots of failed relationships where I have learned so much! I am highly observant and understanding, so there will be no judgment here! I

Aun Berardi

I have years of dating experience, I’ve been through it all - the good, the bad and the ugly! In today’s world it can be hard to connect with others face to face because so much communication is done through texting, dating apps and social media. I can help with the awkwardness that some people face when going on a first date, things to say, things not to say, things to do and not do, how to keep it fun, flirty and interesting to keep them interested and curious about you and a possible future.

Gabriel Zahn

Dating is hard. I've used dating apps like Tinder and OKCupid for years in hopes of finding real connections. In the process, I've gained great insight into what makes your bio appealing, from both men's and women's perspectives.


Alot of people that I know and dont know normally come to me about issues and concerns they have in their dating life. I tell it how it is, I dont take sides, if your wrong or right I will let you know & ontop of it I am a great listener. I feel like their is always a solution to someones problem. I dated alot of people in the industry, in the business field and even 9-5 workers. I have alot of gay, bi and straight friends so I seen and heard it all.

Shanice Johnson

Dating is a tricky thing and not many of use know to do this successfully, I will give you an insight to my knowledge but please be very aware of each steps because these are jewels to dating.


I have experience with dating, going on dates, and I have been on some awkward dates too! I would love to offer you advice for going on dates, organizing a date, or even just talk you through any nerves you have about joining the dating scene! I know it can be scary, I have definitely been there.