Anita Stoudmire

I am a licensed professional therapist in the state of Virginia and I currently work part-time in private practice here. I see clients for depression and anxiety as well as interpersonal reasons. I also deal with all types of relationship issues and communication problems.

Jackie Jones

I worked in GP surgery offering CBT to patients. I have level 3 CBT qualification.

Jacqulyn Bosket

Anything. Death. Suicide. Addictions. Mental health. Abuse. Rape.

Alyssa Doricchi

My entire life I have always had a way of helping people. I always know exactly what to say and what to do to help people with their problems.

Bob Adams Westbrook

help couples that are having difficulties in their relationship.

Kevin Parks

I have seen an innumerous amount of pain. In society and in personal perseverance. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. Your opinion matters to me and I will be your open book to express yourself to.

Deccorian Thomas

Your probably wondering “What can a 16 year old possibly know about counseling?” Well I have worked with homeless teens that were on the verge of suicide, I’ve also worked with a woman who was told she’ll never ever walk again, Over the phone assistance with actual counselors who were in need of problem solving due to a mother in need of help with her 17 year old son who was out of control. I have helped people cope with deaths I have helped people find saw living spaces It’s my calling to help others that are in need. I DO OVER THE PHONE HELP AS WELL

Deja Cruz

Solutions for domestic problems. Advice on how you can figure out your emotions to problem solve your mind.

Ivelisse Torres

I am a counselor and life coach for people (adult & children) with conditions such as anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD. I have a degree in special needs instruction and counseling.

Vashti Hamilton

Studied psychology & very honest & professional with advice & healing as well as growing .

Karlenis Aguilar

Undergraduate university studies

James Whistler

I am a very srongly unbiased person with an analytical background. I have many friends in multiple scenes that regularly rely upon my experience and knowledge to provide insight and encouragement

Shanda Green

Professional counselors tend to feel fake after 1-2 sessions. Don't waste your time or money with someone you don't connect with. Try me and feel the difference mentally and emotionally.

Natasha Williams

I serve as a volunteer Counselor with a nonprofit outreach group. I lend a listening ear and never try to persuade people or their choices. I may ask thought provoking questions to stimulate cognitive processes. This helps people draw out their own conclusions that work best with their lifestyle & goal plan.

Natasha Jones

I have counselled people

Korey Sharp

I have quite the listening ear and experience with mental illness

Felicia Harmon

I am counselor I help people with marriage problems rape crisis or if you just want to talk about things I will give you great advice!