Elmedina Fejzulai

I'm a self taught makeup artist and while I've had an interest and have had knowledge on cosmetics for a very very long time, its been my profession for close to two years now and I have extensive knowledge of makeup products and it's the little tips and tricks and slight shifts in how you apply your makeup that make all the difference and I've learned all this through practice and experience.

Elizabeth Alexander

i have 5 years makeup experience and can answer or walk you through anything for that perfect look!

Faith Bailey

Working in makeup for five years has taught me an immense amount about products and techniques I’m happy to share! Currently working at a cosmetic company I’m surrounded by makeup all day every day and I work behind the scenes of your favorite stores to see what’s next!

Lisanne Bippert

I have been in the beauty industry since 1995 and I enjoy skin care, make up, trends, hacks, and of course dupes. I spent several years researching and learning and love how it has evolved.

Samantha Green

I have a degree/licensure in Esthetics and makeup artistry. Been teaching/applying these skills for over 10 years


Cosmetics are my LIFE! High-end, low-end, skincare, some hair care, and all things BEAUTY related, I can assist!

Kristin Doherty

i use all different products , have knowledge of all different products and love doing makeup

Kaila Winters

I am an avid makeup lover and I spend a majority of my time on YouTube watching makeup videos. I have learned how to do my makeup all on my own and have figured out the best ways to do so without spending loads of money. I feel like makeup is an art not just to enhance your look.

Stacey G

I have been involved in makeup for years. I have knowledge of drugstore brands and high-end cosmetics. I currently review cosmetics and am also involved in body art. I can help you with picking the best brands based on skin sensitivity, desire for low to high coverage, natural to dramatic looks.

lia jade

I am a professional makeup artist and am knowledgeable about every cosmetic, hair product, and skincare. I have gone to school and work in the industry.

Cristina Karabakan

I have been certified, and have been practicing cosmetics for years.

Haley Rossmann

I have my cosmetology license and I am able to give advice on how to make yourself feel better and be the best you.

Savanah Weest

Going to school for makeup/hair was what I was born to do. I could tell you what eyeshadow combo to go with to what developer and hair color to do. You ask, I’ll answer

Chelsey Bee

Helping people and beauty have always been two of my passions- helping people feel beautiful just seems like the next logical step.

Natalie Polanco

I’ve suffered with acne for the past few years. I’ve tried so many different products and techniques, I’ve tried different brands of makeup and researched it all to. I am very much into skincare!

Amina Burrell

I was a professional makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics for 3 years. I love make up and love to talk about it and offer any help I can to a pro or to a beginner.

Mahalia Patton

I've been in the beauty field for a few years I'm licensed to do lashes and cosmetic tattoos worked in lots of salons and beauty supply stores! :) good with hair and makeup !

Jesi Tai

I have had alot of experience with tge cosmetics world, and as a model, we learn many wonderful tips & tricks of the trade!! Secrets you wont find online or in any book! Its gold!

Sarah Naranjo

Aside from being an esthetician working at a spa and working at ulta, I have been a freelance makeup artist in the past. I love the art of makeup and wear it constantly.

Emma Ewing

I am very good at my makeup as I work at Ulta and have been self-practicing for 7 years. I have great sales ability and customer service abilities. I am both professional and personable with all of the customers I deal with. I have obtained in-depth knowledge of products, terms and application of makeup. I am able to display the creativity my work through the eye of customers. I am also very organized and precise in my professional work.

Jamie Gasper

I've been prominent in the cosmetics industry sine 2010. I work at ULTA beauty and have unlimited exposure to any and all cosmetics. I also spend countless hours researching cosmetics.

Charlotte Sky

I went to school for makeup it's one of my passions I love it