Ryan Boyd

I once owned a restaurant in Japan. I have extensive experience in working restaurants for other people as well.

Faith Billingham

I have been cooking professionally for 10 years and have a degree in culinary arts.

Cathy Saetae

Basics, seasonings, flavor profiles, knife skills, and other techniques. Your girl has all these skills to share with you! I've worked in all types of restaurants and picked up lots of tips along the way! Thai, Japanese, American, and "Semi-homemade" are my most knowledgeable cuisines!

Troy Wyatt

I have a college degree in culinary arts. I have worked 20 years in the restaurant business. I have baked, been a line cook, a banquet cook. I love to cook and create new dishes as well as cooked dishes that other people have created.

Angela Lehew

After starting as an 18 year old wife and mother with a husband who never wanted to let me cook I found myself frustrated and lacking any skills what so ever in the kitchen. Fast forward ten years and I jumped on the "Foodie" train when the Food Network became popular. I prepared, tested, and logged over three hundred and fifty recipes from many of the shows and chefs responsible for helping Food Tv be what it is today. Cooking now is second nature to me and I need none of those recipes to prepare those dishes today. I truly am at peace when I cook. From the basics to the complicated please ask! There are never any silly questions and when it comes to culinary, I love to help!

Cole Snyder

I am a good source of knowledge because I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu with the certificate and a a degree in applied science I have 15 years of cooking in professional restaurants under my belt. I'm classically trained in French cooking but american-mexican, Thai ,Hmong, Chinese cooking are all in my repertoire

Danielle Whitlock

My current job consists of working in a restaurant and I have loved cooking since I was younger. I've had a lot of experience working with lots of different foods. I'd love to help with anything I can.

Eduardo Fleury

From the cutting board to the dinner table, I will help you from beginning to end. Don't panic! I will take you through the entire dinner, if need be.

Dylan Mosley #Theirritablebeard

It's kind of my thing, both as a home cooking and as a food truck owner.

Markarious Searcy

Cooking is a passion an art it's not just ingredients, recipes and just cooking. As a student it's like survival but as you get older it becomes something you love.

Chad Robinette

Even though music is my passion. Their is a very creative way of artistically putting together that perfect ahi tuna, or that amazing smoked cherry glazed salmon that my wife cant quit talking about. And like music their is always different voicing of flavor that your trying to achieve acording to the mood or dish that your making. So for example, if I where to start making a pot roast it's going to be cooked in a whole different manner that a prime rib, and even different than a ribbye. It's all about that flavor emotion bro! So I would start my roast siring on high in a cast iron seasoning after i deglaze the pan so we dont burn our seasoning and so the deglaze, usually a red whine, will savor together with the seasonings to have a more captivating richness to your flavor and completely changes it from grandma's ole throw it in the oven for 2 hours with some broth and butter and that's it. If you love food like me you want to make it the best eating experience you can for yourself and your guests, and have em talking about it still ne t week. Its alot of technique, arrangement, and basic fundamentals that you can twist and experiment with till its EXACTLY what you where trying to acheive in that particular dish. it's a subject matter I can help you with alot better if I understand exactly what your end goal of that dish or meal is if your specific and selective with what to expect in the outcome. I can tell you general stuff all day but I know you want the secret sause, so who want to get passionate in the kitchen with some lamb chops? No.. sorry.

Amanda PerryMiller

I have many food allergies and my family has many more between them. This has inspired a love of cooking and experimenting with new recipes! Need help with a recipe or want to know how to modify a recipe for an allergy? I’m your girl!

Tracy Plock

I went to culinary school and I owned my own catering business ! I have cooked for many great events where the food was complimented in multiple ways !

Maria Gomez

My family has owned and operated a catering buisness for over 15years and restaurants before that. Not only do I have experience in the business side but I can also recommend a quick meal, storage and preparation and other questions that can be answered with food preparation.

Sabrina Hernandez

I'm a 5 years pro chef and I know how to in specialized in cooking from scratch home cooked meals

Amber Hazard

I am a cook working at a very high end omakase restaurant. I have knowledge of many ingredients and techniques, a creative mind, and a love for food.

Charlene DeCicco

I own a catering business & I am a successful chef that has been raised by a cooking family.

Nayquan Harvin

I've completed Culinary Arts Trade @ De La Salle Vocational in 06'. I've met many other talented Chef's at different occasions and willing to give Helpful tips to combine meals and tasteful flavors! It's always great to impress in the kitchen and give great recognition to your food.

William Vick

I started cooking by the time I was ten years old I eventually got jobs and other such employment to cook on a line. I am very fluent in others recipies and know all such temps needed for any meat or dish. I also have my own recipies to offer.

Melissa Wilson

i am a chef by profession and am extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the art of cooking many different courses.

Justin Baker

I am highly, functioning private chef. I have worked with prized winning BBQ trucks as well as a famous Mexican cuisine. All about natural and organic ingredients to provide that fresh taste.

Makayla Kucera

My grandmother is an italian woman , so therefore all of us woman , & girls learned how to cook . We learned how to measure spices , how to season certain things , how long to cook items and so on .

Mike Staton

I was a cook for 5 years but I've been cooking my whole life even on days where I work 10 hours I still come home and I cook a full dinner for the family almost every night and for birthdays I cook whatever that person may want most things even if I've never made it somehow I can and it turns out really good I love people and I love to cook I think they go hand-in-hand going to love to talk about it!

Richard Montano

Working knowledge of French, Italian, Mediterranean, middle eastern cuisines and I am very familiar with organic, vegetarian, vegan cooking. Recipe development. Cooking methods. Menu planning. How to advice for the home or chef who needs some inspiration.