Laquria Echols

Certified coach in the field and I research daily.

Chloe Finney

In the past i had really low confidence or no confidence at all, i know ways to help boost your confidence.

Fredericha Stanley

i have lots of it and would like to help others on this topic

Fern Fairy

I am someone who has fought for myself to feel more confident in life and myself. I believe at the end of the day, you are left alone with yourself. So shouldn't we be having fun with ourselves and proud? Let's chat.

Carolyn Farrier

I can give advice about confidence and help someone see their self worth!

Samantha Snow

I am very confident in myself.

Kayla Merritt

As a child I was really shy and lacked confidence and those traits carried into adulthood. so through overcoming those things and gaining confidence myself I can provide tips and tricks to build it for you as well. "Fake it til you make it baby."

Haley Rose

Im a kind beautiful woman full of lots of excitement and knowledgeable

My Cat

Building the courage to do the things you want to do helps when you have someone to support you.

Avery Mason

I am a very supportive individual and have been told that people feel more confident with me.

Amanda Dawn

One of my passions is helping others cultivate self confidence! I also consider myself a confident person!

Lexie Lutz

Having confidence will help push you through life and get you to where you want to be.

Sherrie Jean

I cam help you feel like the amazing person you truly are but may not be able to see yourself

Diix Ty

I believe that confidence is one of the most common weaknesses of most people. I have developed my confidence since I was young and managed to show my abilities om the right time and right place. I have attended workshops which taught me to bring out my confidence in positive ways. I believw I can help those who cannot express themselves to the public.

Coffee Robinson

Confidence is sexy! It is also the key to getting things accomplished.