Sabrina Engle

I have 4 kids. Ages 19,17,14 and 2

Anna O.

I’m a speech therapist, I work with children, I’m a mother.

Victoria Di Benedetto

I have 5 children and raising them is not easy but I feel if you have children and need some help, I can offer advice in this area. ! of my children has had cancer and survived and the other has ADHD and ODD.

Latisha Folden

Children often carry more emotions than we are aware of. I am parent of 2 daughters, whom I do not use psychical force on knowing that these are ways that only manifest negatively in the future. I have expert skills in learning more about oneself to learn to control your thoughts, to become and understand your child/children better.

Angela Tingley

I'm a mom of 3 and I have 4 grandkids. I was a young mom, started at 16. I also taught preschool for many years.

janell Williams

I've been with kids since I was 10 years old, and now have 3 of my own. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say I know a lot.

Ney Briggs

Raising two children of my own. 17 years old boy and 11 years old girl. Served in the US Navy as I was raising my two children. Many experiences to mention.

Heather Penguin

I am a mother as well as a day care worker

Julia Burke

I have three children, taken a few classes and have been raiding kids since i was 15 (not my own of course.)

Dorothy Davis

Well I have 5 of them all different ages I can answer any questions you have from the ages

Frances Nelly Johnson

Having being raised in a house of six children and being the oldest I know very many hacks and tricks to help make things easier for big and small families to get through the rough times. Also i am teacher so i know much.

Abdul Malik

I'm a certified teacher and have my own 2 children. I have a large insight in what happening in daycares and schools and what is healthy and what not.

Liza Swanson

been taking care of children all of my life. always willing to help.

Eve Lopez

I have 2 children personally, and have taken some child and parenting courses. I've also helped to raise quite a few children given my aunt's who were both single mothers.

Danielle Russo

I have four children of my own and also went to school for early childhood development.

Haley Nollenberg

Working as a teacher for 7 years