Mausjohn Prescott

40 weeks of Culinary School. Certificate 1O weeks Baking and Pastry

Caitlyn Luning

I work full time as a cake decorator!

Annie Allen

6+ years as a professional baker specializing in breads, cookies, cakes and pies. Happy to answer any questions

Francis-Olive Hampton

15 year experienced baker.

Edna Rodriguez-Ingram

I own my own pastry shop which international cultural fusion. I am never afraid to experiment and find that one perfect dish.

shannon middleton

As much as I love the creativity of cooking, I also love the preciseness of baking! It also doesn’t hurt that desserts are my favorite thing to bake!

Jenny L

A graduate of the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Expert specifically in vegan/plant-based baking. The ins and outs of substituting eggs, how to make vegan meringues, dairy and butter substitutes - and above all, it has to taste awesome! No health food desserts here!!

Andi Irving

Im a self taught baker. Love to help out or just give tips

Aleighsie Nonapplicable

I have been baking for over twenty years, and have made cookies and breads for 4-H fairs. I have placed as Best of Show and Grand Champion, respectively.

Faith Billingham

I have been baking professionally for over ten years and have a degree in baking and culinary arts.

Moon Grimson

love baking, im known for my cheescake n brownies

Abby Denton

Been a baker since 1996.

Jessie Taylor

I have been baking from scratch since I was little. I can give you great recipes and help you through the process!

Nyra Mckinney

I am an avid baker and love sharing recipes as well as tips to make your recipes better!

Ashlee Welch

Baking is my specialty. Cakes, pastries, cookies, ice cream, custards, you name it. I've been baking for over twelve years. I've taken several classes on nutrition and cooking.

George Young

Since 2009, I have been coming up with my own delicious recipes for cookies, cupcakes, pies, cakes, candies, brownies, and some tarts. I have even tried to enter some baking contests and get a recipe in a magazine or newspaper. Sometimes we just need to spoil ourselves a little bit and indulge in that sweet guilty pleasure.

Jay Ella

Basic baking skills -measurements - recipes -bake time/ temps -yield -quality/ quantity - costs

Larissa Garcia

I’m a pastry chef and have been baking since I was 16