Chazwan Bryan

Want to be a architect originally when I was growing up im very creative so it something that always moved me One of my favorite artist is invader


I started drawing, painting and dancing when I was in pre-school. I then turned my talent into a passion through works with the Mural Arts program in Philadelphia and 4+ years of dance lessons (Hip-hop, latin ballroom, and modern_


I am an artist, since I was young, my mother let me express myself from how I dressed to what type of multimedia I wanted to use to paint, draw, sculpt. I have been writing stories and poems since I can remember, and I love doing digital art as well. I have my own experience in how to delve in to art for fun or for deeper meaning.

Sierra G

I'm a multi faceted artist. From visual art forms such as painting, sculpting, collaging, photography and videography to song writing and music composition. I will assist you with any facet of the creation process.

Andrew Adel

I have made and sold thousands of pieces via spraypaint, pen and ink, epoxy, acrylic. I have been making and creating art for about 10 years

vanessa venugopal

Ahh art. This is the love of my life. I am a fan of traditional art that's why I love painting using watercolor, gouache, and acrylic. I am also a DIY enthusiast.

Tantara Person

Like most artists I started drawing and painting as a child and never lost interest. In 2003, I completed a 2 year program in animation at my community college and in 2010 completed a four year degree from Georgia State University in studio art. During my years in Atlanta a volunteered and exhibited at galleries and even volunteered my own rented home for pop-up art shows featuring young and non traditional artists. I work in several mediums and pride myself on having at least a basic knowledge of every traditional medium and the fundamentals of drawing, design, and painting. I'm always learning more but I learn the most by sharing my studio with other artists.

Amber Kostecki

I am an artist and I am fluent in art, design, sculpture, painting, drawing, and art history

Maria Gomez

I've always been very crafty. I now to paint have experience with all types of paint oils acrylics and watercolors .

Ryan Shukis

Best ways to approach drawing, watercolor, acrylic painting, and larger projects.

Andrea Porter

I have been drawing, painting, sculpting, and otherwise creating things my whole life and taught art for several years at a high school level.

Jessica Borger

I am an artist, my boyfriend and I have works for sale in a local store. I know different techniques, how to use different medias and how to mix medias. I am proficient in all things from simple pencil sketches to urban art to classic watercolors and more.

Melissa Nichols

I have been an artist for 15 years. I am well versed in digital art (procreate, photoshop, autodesk), charcoal, watercolor, oils, acrylics, oil pastels, sculpture (polymer clay), inks and I also work with a cricut machine.

Yoni Noir

I am a poet, writer, photographer. I paint, draw. In all, I live and breathe art and take pridein being a creative.

Anna Stoker

I'm a professional artist that believes that with the right instruction anyone can become excellent artist. Im either to share the secrets of artists from painting to film.

Andrew Freeman

Art is in everything we see, in any shape form or size, the art of the imagination is that you can add any emotion or feeling to a simple object with just your mind and brush strokes.

Marko Stark

I am an artist who went to school for Graphic Design, Photography, and have spent my life making art.

Michaela Campbell

I currently work as a third party artist on the beach.

Amber Mc Neel

Because i am an artist and graphic designer and work in a variety of mediums and paints. i have my art published in a curated book and was chosen artist of the month lsdt year by

Coach Stephanie

I have a degree in Art from Art Center College of Design. I have painted murals,paintings and created 3-d art works. My painted pillows have been featured on TV shows like Friends and Pretty Little Liars and are in collections all over the world.

Delaney Cloyd

I've been an artist since I could hold a pencil, it's my life and passion. I'm always learning more about it so I may not know everything but I may have some answers

Misha Melton

Majored in art at University of buffalo

Lindsey Winkler

I have graduated with a BA in Art, actively make my own art and sell it. I'm interested in ceramics, drawing, painting (oil), or anything else creative!

Leelaney Huff

I draw, I can teach you how to shade and make your art a little more detailed. Realism is my forte