Christina Mc Callion

32 years old lived with animals my entire life and was taught about breeding and obedience training and care taking because my mother is a vet and animal breeder /trainer /specialist!:)

Kaylee Barlow

I own 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and a dog (miniature pincher mix). I rescued my first stray when I was eight and took care of the vet care and rehomed him myself. The cat had had a large infection down it's back where hot oil from a car had dripped onto the skin and burned, he was no more than three months and I knew what I had to do. Since then any animal I own is a rescue. One of my current cats was a stray that we found on Halloween night while trick-or-treating with my younger siblings. My other two cats were rescued, one abandoned and one from a hoarder. The guinea pigs were rescued from a lady who was moving and mentioned dumping them in a park, alone during the middle of the night. My dog was and abuse and neglect case, she was never properly socialized and terrified of everything that got close. So rehabilitation and socialization is my specialty, as for the basic training, well, my dog is stealing my food as I type this.

Abi De Panda

Having multiple animals of my own, i do believe that all animals are in need of love and care, like us human being are. My experience in this category is based off my work and volunteer experience, well... A couple years ago i worked at the humane society of PSL, tending to the animals who didn't have much of a home, giving them baths, medicine, new toys, food, water and the necessities that they need to keep them energetic and happy. I as well volunteered for a no kill shelter in PSL, called Dogs And Cat's Forever, doing roughly the same thing, if not less, because of how small the area was. I enjoy this topic, because my love for animals is infinite and i enjoy every single one.

Bonnie Willis

animal LOVER. with some veterinary classes under my belt, and a life long history of pet ownership, I know a fair bit about most house pets!

Destiny Kachel

Have fostered animals and have worked with all sorts of animals my whole life

Kayla Winsett

I went to get school for 2 and a half years.

Alexis Long

I work with them

Tabs Ezinga

Pet sat for years. Owned my own animals my whole life. Domestic violence survivor. Been beat, raped, choked, threatened with a knife, you name it. Your not alone.

Koral Wira

I rescue animals and bring them back to the best health they can be

Maria Miller

as a vet tech I have allot of experience from cats and dogs to more exotic animals birds and reptiles as well. feel free to ask away

Ericca Jacomet

All animals are jus like humans. They feel, sense, and hurt.

Janie Konken

ya girl has been in love with animals since before I can remember. I've shown dogs, worked dog shows, bred and raised small rodents, quail, and rabbits, helped rehabilitate birds of prey, and owned my own "mini zoo"

Eric Amora

Need tp talk about your pets I am here for that!

Ashley Vee

I am not a lisenced veterinarian or have any certificates for the treatment of animals but I have raised them my entire life and also have worked at an animal shelter and done all my animals booster shots on my own. Have also cleaned and bandaged minor injuries on many as well. If you have minor questions about your pets health or minor injuries, message me, I can help.

Haley Bloom

I have had about ever animal if something is wrong or u need help training in the girl

Angie Stark

Certified by Purina to take care of laboratory animals. Straight A's in small animal care. Future animal nutritionist. Ask about my bearded dragon!