American Football

Michael Ford

Played competitively for 10 years

Michael Aitken

32 years as a coach. I have been a Head coach Cordinator special teams, Linebacker, Defensive line. Weight lif.ting conditioning . Motivational speaker. 2 state titles 4 CIF championships,100's of all league players almost 400 former players played in college including NCAA NAIA all americans 5 have played in the NFL .

Dequan Diamond

I been playing foot since rec all the way to Simi pro so any asking to that point I should be able to answer

Dylan Prill

I’m a sport analysis for Fox Sports

Moose Thompson

I played fullback for 12 years

David Nevels

Former player and coach assistant 20 years experience in the field defensive specialist

Cory Cleckley

I played football and watch as well as learn the game.

Vontay Callahan

Football was my first sports love i played it and watched it for years a good way of developing discipline and strategy to win

Alex Smith

I love football and know a lot about it

Jorge Terrazas

We can talk about football all day weather its for fantasy football coaching little League or drills to help you improve i can help

Dwayne Williams

Knowledge of football from little league to NFL, CFL, & AFL

Antonio Brown

My main sport growing up has been American Football. Im always here to help anyone looking for this advice.

Philly Cottrell

Been playing football since 2007 Earned a scholarship in 2014 Forced fumble leader Led team in sacks.

I have played and coached at a high level and have been around the game for my entire life.