Stephanie Kauffman

In the past I had done almost everything wrong that one could do wrong, and also I have, in the last three years, rebuilt my life after a mental breakdown and now run a business full time and am there for council for many of my friends. I find that sticky situations often need a new perspective or lens that one may not have thought of before and I can offer that to you!

Yasmin Hernandez

I am an excellent active listener who likes to ask questions and really has a big heart to WANT to help as much as I can.

Ehrich Rosen

I have been a therapist in CA for 2 years.

Marko Stark

Being adopted and from a family that split when I was 6, I have a empathy and way with others in hard situations, and have found that by talking to others about my own struggles, I have been able to help them with theirs.

Andre Jefferson

I am open minded and a great listener. I will give opinions if you ask, and advive if you need.

Dinah Chapman

I can give great advice on personal matters. Very level-headed and smart about anything.

Nikki Stewart

I have been through more than the average 29 year old. I’ve dealt with toxic relationships, heartbreak, adoption, neglect, abuse of every kind, loss, etc. and survived it all still with a good head on my shoulders. I’m told I have the best stories in fact because of all of my life experiences.

Rick Sage

I have studied human psychology and behavior. I have studied personal relationships, social, emotional, financial, and health circumstances of people for many, many years.

Horse Wren

I possess a very clear and unbiased mind. This allows me to hear a person out in totality. Then, assess what was said and give an opinion based on what would do.


I am the person my friends and family call for advice on things like friends, relationships, drama, style, business ideas, or just for a listening ear.

Dom Grigio

I often say that I have 50+ years experience although I am in my thirties; mostly because I share many things in common with those 20+ years my senior. This is because of a necessity to grow very quickly in a short amount of time; in every area of my life. Most of my friends are older than me, and I find them asking for my input on a broad range of topics.

Angela Star

Ask me anything and I will give you the most honest answer you’re ever heard. The things you may be uncomfortable speaking about is most welcome here. Judge-Free Zone

Rickhya Ware

I’m a person with a big heart and I always know how to take knowledge of your situation and give a new insight. Even if you just need me to listen, I am here.

Kelly Finlay

I am a Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher. All my life people have sought me out for advice regarding relationships, career, parenting and spirituality. I offer compassionate sound advice to help you feel clearer and more confident in life.

Aundraya Andrews

I am very knowledgeable about life in general, I've been told I'm wise beyond my years. I have also been compared to a shaman. From sex, to mental health, relationships, every day life, conflicts, legal,jobs, resources, ect....

Katie Esquibel

Advice is just advice. Im here to provide a different point of view and it is solely your decision to decide what to do. As a professional and non professional, I respect and honor vulnerability. I’m here for you in anyway that I can be. Giving advice isn’t to give answers. It’s to bring more self awareness and I hope I can help you with that.

Jackie Villicana

Years of experience in helping people become successful in life by aiding with goal-setting, gaining resource knowledge, financial budgeting and planning, other basic skills like cooking and cleaning. Advice on human relationships, pets, work, education, and life in general.